Palle Schmidt Does The Isotope!

We could not be more honored to get to host Danish comics superstar Palle Schmidt this month!

Known internationally for the gritty crime noir thriller Blodets Konkubine, which we Americans will know better as The Devil’s Concubine (translated and re-published here in the states by IDW just this May).

Palle’s body of moody noir comic work is right up the our alley and we think it will be up yours too. Prepare yourself by checking out more of Palle’s jaw-dropping The Devil’s Concubine art and read more about this beautiful graphic novel starring two quick-on-the-trigger-finger hitmen on the run from dirty cops, angry gangs of Rastafarians, and a crime lord out for blood by clicking through here. And see more yet-to-be-translated treasures from him on his English language website here.

And then, this Wednesday, come and meet the Danish comics superstar himself!

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