JH Williams III @ Isotope

The greatest living comic artist working today – JH Williams III (SANDMAN OVERTURE, BATWOMAN, PROMETHEA) and the release of the biggest book of the decade, the SANDMAN OVERTURE DELUXE EDITION hardcover.

There are few people on planet Earth we love more than JH Williams III (if you like beautiful memories people share with their friends this will bring tears to your eyes) and together we’ve been quietly planning our event to celebrate the amazing SANDMAN OVERTURE for a long, long time. The Isotope featured a duo of events for this creator, an intimate all-ages autographing session and an after party.

Attendees of this event received the Isotope’s exclusive SANDMAN OVERTURE: DELUXE EDITION PRINT for hanging or to upgrade from the vanilla cover version. Fewer than 100 copies of these were made exclusively for the Isotope and were available one night only and nowhere else or ever again.


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