The Isotope is famous for our unique, once-in-a-lifetime creator in-store events.

Future Events


Darick Robertson Tiki Tour event flyer

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Past Events


Isotope Award Ceremony

It's our biggest, our best, and our absolute favorite weekend of the year!

And we will once again be presenting the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

to one talented, undiscovered, and hard-working creator.

Who will take home the coveted (& most dangerous) trophy in the comics industry?

Isotope Award Ceremony

Saturday, November 1st 2008




First splashing on the comics scene taking home the second annual

Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics for his xeroxed first issue of


JW Cotter's rise to indy comics stardom has been a truly wonderful sight to behold.

It brings a tear of pure joy to our eyes to get to get to host Mister Cotter as our

featured guest at our annual biggest event of the year... APE AFTERMATH!


Saturday, November 1st 2008

8pm - Midnight




Nate Powell author of the amazing PLEASE RELEASE... will be joining us

to launch his latest graphic novel SWALLOW ME WHOLE during our

annual Top Shelf happy hour, while his publisher works his backside off

slinging margaritas behind the Isotope bar!


Saturday, November 1st 2008

8pm - Midnight


Dame Darcy Live @ Isotope!


The immortal MEAT CAKE author/artist Dame Darcy

sent out our 7th annual Ape Aftermath weekend in high style and made all our wildest comic fantasies come true with a live concert on the Isotope stage.

Just... beautiful. 


Isotope's Halloween 2008 Monster Mosh


The Isotope's annual Halloween bash with SF's glitter

glamrock gods Triple Cobra, the Bay Area Derby Girls... and

the sexiest, most be-costumed nerds and nerdettes in the city!

This bash is being held at Fat City.

Friday, October 31st 2008

8pm - 2am


Dead Channels Film Festival


Isotope is proud to be teaming up with San Francisco's Best of the Bay winning

annual film fest, Dead Channels, dedicated to psychotronica,

zombiephillia, splatterphobia, and psychedelia.

This film fest is being held at The Roxie Theatre.

October 2nd - 10th 2008

click here for schedule


Justin Hall + Isotope Present


Queer comics icon Justin Hall kicks off Folsom Fair weekend with us

in high style... by launching the latest issue of his brilliantly trashy

pirate/werewolf/king kong porn comic HARD TO SWALLOW.

With hot tunes spun by SF's beloved DJ Bearzbub!

Friday, September 26th 2008

7pm - 11pm


Achewood's Chris Onstad

The Great Outdoor Fight Book Launch


The amazing Chris Onstad hits the Isotope to launch Dark Horse's


and handmade cookies straight from the sexed-up Onstad household!

Here Comes A Special Boy.... Chris Onstad @ the Isotope

Saturday, September 13th 2008

8pm - Midnight


Mark Millar & Tony Harris

Mark Millar the Scottish author of ULTIMATES and CIVIL WAR teams up

with artist Tony Harris, who brought us EX MACHINA and STARMAN

for a massive new series from Image Comics, WAR HEROES.



Basie S. Does the Isotope!

Celebrating 7-year-old rockstar comic creating phenomenon Basie S, and the launch of the latest issue of his self-published lucha libre mini-comic THE MASKED MUTANT.

This special daytime in-store event also featured San Francisco's DJ Bearzbub, spinning a selection of hot Basie-approved, backside-shaking tunes.


Matt Silady's Eisner Award Nomination Bash

The Isotope's own Matt Silady the author/artist of THE HOMELESS CHANNEL

has been nominated for the most prestigious award the comics industry has to offer!

The Isotope staff and extended family couldn't be more proud of Matt

and everyone got together for a great big bash in his honor.


The Isotope & Triple Cobra Present:

2008's Mid-Year Halloween Party

Those half-a-thousand folks who were lucky enough to attend our legendary 2007

All-Hallows Eve party with the best live band in the entire city, Triple Cobra, will

know why we were so pumped up to do this Mid-Year Halloween Bash in April.

Bringing the fun back into Halloween in SF again!


USAToday & the Isotope Present:

Whitney Matheson & Tim Sale

The Isotope's love for Pop Candy columnist Whitney Matheson knows no bounds, and when

she suggested throwing an event together we couldn't have been more excited. Featuring

Ms. Matheson's most desired creator-to-meet. Comics legend, artist of Heroes tv show,

Batman: The Long Halloween, and Superman For All Seasons Tim Sale!

click here for more info


Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier After-Party

The official after-bash to WonderCon's world premiere screening of the long-awaited


The Isotope will be hosting director David Bullock, designer J. Bone, and the man of

the hour, Darwyn Cooke himself. Featuring exclusive limited edition pint glasses and

art prints made just for the event. And lots and lots of original art from the artists!


Ben Templesmith & Antony Johnston

Isotope presents Ben Templesmith the mad/brilliant Australian artist behind


along with British superstar author Antony Johnston of WASTELAND,


Celebrating the new Image Comics series DEAD SPACE.


Isotope's 2007 Halloween Night Bash

Ms. Monster, The Onion, Chartreuse, B-Minus Comics, and the Isotope

join forces to throw the greatest All-Hallows Eve party in the entire city.


JH Williams III BATMAN Gallery Show

In celebration of JH Williams III and Grant Morrison's stunning upcoming

arc on BATMAN, the Isotope will be hosting a constantly-evolving

month-long gallery show featuring Williams' glorious original artwork.

Opening reception with JH WILLIAMS III... of course!


Jacques Boyreau's SUPERTRASH Film Fest

A 35mm Xploi screening night of vintage b-movie sci-fi, lost exploitation flicks,
and pure cinematic pulp envy projected on a massive front-window-sized screen.

Hosted and presented by the true trash-aesthetic ultra-king Jacques Boyreau,
low-rent film-maker and author of coffee table books that Tartantio desperately

wishes he wrote, TRASH and SUPERTRASH.


Mike Carey @ Isotope

British comics sensation Mike Carey travels halfway across the globe for a

huge Isotope event in honor of his new novel THE DEVIL YOU KNOW.

Carey is the prolific mad genius behind so many wonderful comics we love including




Ed Brubaker @ Isotope

When Ed Brubaker has an important book to launch there is only one place he does it!

Following in the grand tradition of the Isotope's SLEEPER launch event

Brubaker returned to his home-away-from-home for a massive bash

to launch the collection of the Eisner-Nominated new series CRIMINAL.



w/ Matt Silady

Isotope Homegrown hero Matt Silady kicks off his comics career

in high style with an Isotope bash to launch his original graphic novel




APE AFTERMATH is the Isotope's annual event coinciding with San Francisco's

Alternative Press Expo and features the awarding of the Isotope Award for Excellence in

Mini-Comics... and is, as always, one of the Isotope's biggest events of the year!

APE AFTERMATH features the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony.


Guitar Villain

Those villainous mad scientists of Advanced Idea Mechanics challenge

the supervillain community for an evening of thunderous riffs, hot licks,

and meglomaniacal menace. Does your pathetic super villain team have

what it takes to wrest the Cosmic Cube from the hands of A.I.M.?

No heroes or non-costumed henchmen allowed.


RUNAWAYS Author Mindy Owens

Launching h omegrown hero Mindy Owens' professional comics career

with an introduction to one of Marvel's best series RUNAWAYS SAGA.

Celebrate the true glory of the comics industry...

where the biggest fans really do go pro.


iFanboy & Isotope Present

Tiki Tour w/ Adam Beechen

Hitting every single tiki bar in the city of San Francisco with the writer of


Can your liver survive?


iFanboy & Isotope Present

J.M. DeMatteis @ the Isotope

Just in time for WonderCon the Isotope throws one of our biggest events

of 2007 featuring the legendary J.M. DeMatteis, author of MOONSHADOW,





World Premiere

The Isotope is proudly to presented on our silver screen the world premiere of

DRAWING BETWEEN THE LINES, the documentary dedicated to

indy comics great Jeffrey Brown .

This event featured the man behind the big screen, film maker Bruce Parsons!


Bill Willingham's FABLES Ball

He's Bill Willingham, the fan-favorite author of FABLES, SHADOWPACT,

and the long-missed COVENTRY came to the Isotope for a star-studded evening

of good cheer, fine wines, and beautiful sexy nerds who love comics.


Ukulele Apocalypse

Kelly McCubbin and his crazed orchestra of four-string strumming maestros
who've been setting San Francisco alight with full album recreations of "Ziggy
Stardust & The Spiders From Mars" and Prince's "Purple Rain" brought the
madness to the Isotope's stage for an intense rowdy live concert.

Uke Apocalypse @ YouTube


MC Chris @ Isotope

Hailing from Brooklyn, the helium-voiced rapper is perhaps best known for

his work on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, and for brilliant

nerdy songs like Fett's Vette and I Want Candy.

The Isotope was proud to present

MC Chris' first all-ages concert in San Francicsco.


Gene Yang & Lark Pein



Celebrating the launch of Gene Yang's beautiful and brilliant document

on the Asian-American experience AMERICAN BORN CHINESE.

With special guest and AMERICAN BORN CHINESE colorist Lark Pien, known for her fantastic mini-comics LONG TAIL KITTY and MR. BOOMBHA


Darick Robertson Does The Isotope

Kicking off the five year magnum opus that is Garth Ennis and Robertson's

THE BOYS, the Isotope celebrated the monumental event with former TRANSMETROPLOITAN and WOLVERINE artist Darick Robertson.

Featuring the popular contest in which 10 lucky winners won an original Robertson sketch of his new characters doing painful things to fan's favorite heroes...

"Got a Favorite Superhero? Wanna See 'Em Get Beat Down by THE BOYS?"


Dave Johnson's Cataclysmic In-Store

The return of one of the Isotope's most loved special guests!

Famous for his work on 100 BULLETS and SUPERMAN RED SON The high potentate of omniscient art returns to the Isotope for an evening of sordid philandery and cardboard virtuosity.



Challenging your perceptions with a unique take on traditional galleries. The Isotope presents a 3 week long retrogressive art show in honor of Jason McNarama and Tony Talbert's upcoming graphic novel, CONTINUITY from AIT/PlanetLar.

Three week gallery show with a closing reception.


Grant Morrison's International Guide to Living Fabulously

He's Grant Morrison, the mad comic genius from Glasgow whose distinctive work has redefined comic authorship for the underground and the mainstream. From the mind-bending counter-culture thrill-ride of THE INVISIBLES, to the truly heartbreaking "western manga" tale of cyber-enhanced pets on the run WE3, to the re-invention of one of America's most enduring icons with ALL STAR SUPERMAN... Morrison has made a comic that almost every reader

has fallen in love with.

This event featured the Isotope's exclusive Grant Morrison Pint Glass


Eric Powell's Monster Mash-Up

The Isotope and the multi-award winning creator of THE GOON in a monsterific Saturday night of zombie bootie shaking inside the world's sexiest comic book shop! Surrounded by a full gallery of original art from one of the best books on the market, twenty thousand grooves of horror themed mashup tunage, and some truly great special guests!

Featuring horror hostess Ms. Monster, DJ SamSupa, and the man of the hour... Eric Powell!



APE AFTERMATH is the Isotope's annual event coinciding with San Francisco's

Alternative Press Expo and features the awarding of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

... and is, as always, one of the Isotope's biggest events of the year!

APE AFTERMATH features the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony.
2006's award was presented to Danica Novgorodoff for her exceptional mini-comic



SIN CITY @ the Isotope

The Isotope's very own after-hours widescreen guerrilla cinema returns right when you want it to... with a day-after-release screening of the 147 minute SIN CITY extended cut. Co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, this is without a doubt the best comic-to-movie adaptation ever made.

This event featured an entirely illegal, fully extended DVD screening of SIN CITY with plenty of ice-cold Miller on hand!


JH Williams III presents: DESOLATION JONES Bacchanalia

The Isotope will be covered in jaw-dropping original art as we present the city of San Francisco a sensaround technicolor binge in honor of the awesome DESOLATION JONES with artist extraordinaire JH Williams III. Featuring a world-exclusive webcast, William's art projected huge on the Isotope screen, surprise guests, and more mind-numbing excessive over-indulgence than you should be allowed to have!

This event is scheduled to coincide with the Hayes Valley Block Party, an annual bash celebrating SF's coolest neighborhood. Expect some truly biblical multi-block revelry!


Rob Zombie Appreciation Day

For 18 years Rob Zombie has been carving out a gruesome legacy of great rock music, spooktacular comics, and low art cinema. Balancing over the top shockrock antics with a great black and white drive-in aestetic, Zombie offers a taste of everything the Isotope loves... horror, humor, hard rock, and a heck of a lot of hellraising.

This event featured an entirely illegal full DVD screening of The Devil's Rejects as well as a collection of rare music videos from Zombie's personal vaults... hosted by the 18 inch Robbie Zombie himself!


PINE*am @ the Isotope

PINE*am, the thrilling Japanese electronic pop sensation,

can melt even the hardest heart with their beautifully catchy etherial Kraftwerk-influenced bleeps, bloops and clicks.

Bring your English-to-Japanese dictionary to this epic live concert event inside our art gallery/swank lounge/comic store/mixed media space and find out why PINE*am is the Isotope's favorite new band

PINE*am event photos available here


An All Star Opening w/ Jim Lee

Hot on the heels of 2005's biggest comic launch ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN and elebrating the re-birth of the world's

sexiest comic book store, the Isotope will be hosting an all-star event with superstar artist Jim Lee, the awesome Lee Bermejo,

and international sensations Matteo Casali, Michele Petrucci, and Grazia Labaccaro.

Event video available from Fractal Video here


SMOKE & GUNS Shoot 'Em Up

The SMOKE & GUNS Shoot 'Em Up is the only event that features short skirts, high heels,

and 100 rounds of live amunition.

Slip into your sexiest gear and fire up your .45 for an evening of and hardcore gunpowder action

with the Isotope and SMOKE & GUNS author Kirsten Baldock at Jackson Arms Indoor Range.


The Great Retail Experiment

What would happen if James Sime gave away the Isotope for the weekend to two crazy bloggers

and a mini-comic creator and told them, "Go ahead, do whatever you want to my brand new shop"?

The weekend of Friday July 15th through Monday July 18th brought with it the answer to this question.

Antics and retail theory by Sean Maher, Graeme McMillan, & Nora Lally-Graves.

Also featuring the DJ's from Insane Clown Posse.



Free Comic Book Day

The Isotope loves comic books and for the fourth annual FCBD

we celebrated that love with all of San Francisco.

Featuring hundreds of official Free Comic Book Day comics,

exclusive graphic novel giveaways, and comic fans from all over the Bay Area,

(But sadly, no 80's era Madonna)



APE AFTERMATH is the Isotope's annual event coinciding with San Francisco's

Alternative Press Expo and features the awarding of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

... and is, as always, one of the Isotope's biggest events of the year!

APE AFTERMATH features the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony.
2005's award was presented to Daniel Merlin Goodbrey for his exceptional mini-comic



Instant Brubaker!

In the face of increasing comic entertainment hunger, the delicious flavor of books served up

by creator Ed Brubaker have become a tasty staple to a famished industry of comic reading enthusiasts.

With Instant Brubaker! the Isotope added hot water to comic readers' weekend with a

very much delicious event!


Future of Image Comics

A look into the future of Image Comics with the largest assemblage of Image creators

outside of San Diego Comic Con!

Featured guests included Erik Larsen, Robert Kirkman, B. Clay Moore, Rick Remender,

Kieron Dwyer, Paul Harmon, Mark Englert, Todd Nauck, Mark Andrew Smith,

Greg Thompson, Jimmie Robinson, Eric Stephenson, Joe Keatinge and Josh Richardson.

This event was broadcast live by Blair Marnell of



Joe Casey Presents: The Intimates

High School Prom

For the launch of Wildstorm Comics' superheroes-in-high-school comic

THE INTIMATES the Isotope and author Joe Casey threw a full-on late night prom,

including spiked punch, dueling DJ's, thousands of balloons,

and corsages for the ladies!


Ex Machina Presidential Election Day Celebration

The Isotope's election day celebration with the creators of the multiple

Eisner Award nominated EX MACHINA from DC Comics.

In this first part of our 32 hour Wildstorm Comics event, author Brian K. Vaughan and

artist Tony Harris joined us in watch the election day results broadcast larger than life

on the Isotope's front window.

This event f eaturing free copies of the Isotope's exclusive EX MACHINA CD

for everyone who got out to vote that day.


World Domination Day with Rob Osborne

World domination is never the path of least resistance, but with the help of Rob Osborne's

1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION it's certainly easier!

This 12 hour marathon event featured the launch of his graphic novel from AIT-PlanetLar

and the 2003 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics winner himself.

Visit Osborne's website at


Brain K Vaughan Voter Registration Day

From the critically acclaimed hit Y THE LAST MAN to fan favorite THE RUNAWAYS to his upcoming run on ULTIMATE X-MEN, creators just don't get hotter than Brian K. Vaughan. The Isotope is proud to be celebrating the launch for Brian's new political action series EX MACHINA with the man himself.

This event was featured in July 6th 2004 issue of TIME Magazine


HENCH launch party w/ Adam Beechen & Manny Bello

Celebrating the pre-release launch of AIT/PlanetLar's original graphic novel HENCH with

cartoon writer and HENCH co-creator Adam Beechen (Teen Titans, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,

Jackie Chan Adventures, X-Men: Evolution) and our very own homegrown hero

and Isotope regular Manny Bello.  


Ed Brubaker Air Hockey Challenge

You know Ed Brubaker's name and you know his work.

And those who attended the Ed Brubaker Over The Top Armwrestlethon know that the combination

of Brubaker and the Isotope equal a once-in-a-lifetime events. In celebration of the release of

season two of SLEEPER and of Free Comic Book Day Ed and the Isotope gave away

hundreds of copies of SLEEPER SEASON TWO.


Dave Johnson @ the Isotope

100 BULLETS cover artist Dave Johnson has been setting the standard for the most excellent comic covers the industry has to offer, and strutting his artistic stuff on best-selling books like


For this very special event Dave Johnson joined the Isotope in officially launching the publication of Atomika Press'



Steven Niles & Kieron Dwyer REMAINS Zombiefest

In celebration of the launch of IDW Publishing's zombie comic REMAINS from the

Eisner Award nominated masters of modern horror Steven Niles and Kieron Dwyer.

Featured in-house personalized zombification from the Bay Area's premiere horror and

special effects makeup artist Jared Guenther.


PLANET OF THE CAPES Pre-Release Launch Party

When you take explosive superheroic adventure from the author of Astronauts in Trouble and

the artist of Switchblade Honey, combine it with the Isotope, add whisky and shake vigorously...

you get the full-frontal nitroglycerin blast that is the PLANET OF THE CAPES launch party.

Featuring Larry Young and superstar artist Brandon McKinney for 13 hours.

Nobody learned anything. Everybody died.



The Isotope's annual tiki party, coinciding with San Francisco's WonderCon.
2004's featured WONDER-KON-TIKI event was the
SUPERNATURAL LAW 10 Year Anniversary Bash
with Exhibit A Press' Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada.


HEL ON ICE World Premiere Television

Risking the wrath of the FCC during an evening of world premiere pychotronic television!

The Isotope proudly presented a night of HEL ON ICE, San Francisco's favorite monthly half-hour cable sensation that brings the B-Minus Comiks world to life with generous doses of horror and sci-fi shlock. Broadcast bigger than life on the Isotope storefront with twice the Surgeon General's recommended daily allowance of satanic puppets, slow-motion slashings, vinyl catsuit vixens, and zombie shark wrestling!



APE AFTERMATH is the Isotope's annual event coinciding with San Francisco's

Alternative Press Expo and features the awarding of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

... and is, as always, one of the Isotope's biggest events of the year!

APE AFTERMATH features the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony.
2004's award was presented to Josh Cotter for his exceptional mini-comic



Brian Wood Month at the Isotope

From his ground breaking CHANNEL ZERO, to FIGHT FOR TOMORROW, to DEMO,

to POUNDED, to one of the single best comics of 2003 THE COURIERS,

Brian Wood sets the pace for all others to follow.

In celebration of the 3rd annual Brian Wood Month, the Isotope featured the longest and most thrilling in-store event ever with entire month of events with this one-of-a-kind comic visionary!


Brian Wood Month Event - San Francisco Tiki Tour

San Francisco is the home to a huge concentration of

unique tiki bars, tiki restaurants, and tiki dives.

Brian Wood and the Isotope hit as many of these as

humanly possible in one evening!

Brian Wood Month Event - Incredibly Strange Wrestling

Punk rock, pro wrestling and an excuse to attack people with tortillas!

Featuring BYO Records'"sailor rock" band Throw Rag and

punk bluegrass gods The Filthy Thieving Bastards and celebrity

announcer Blag the Ripper of the Dwarves!

All the action went down at SF's DNA Lounge.

Brian Wood Month Event - Booze and Bowling

Take a full cocktail bar and forty four Brunswick lanes and combine it

with the ball chucking, beer swilling, comic loving Isotope party machines

and add into this boiling mix the comic genius Brian Wood and

you've got the recipe for an incredible evening of late-night bowling!

Brian Wood Month Event - Jackson Arms Firing Range

Brian Wood Month took it to the next level with the help of our friends at

Jackson Arms Indoor Firing Range.

This six hour event featured more handguns than a night out clubbing in Oakland with on-sight training, equipment rental and 100 live rounds of ammunition.

Brian Wood Month Event - Demo 3 Release Party

All our BWM events would have been nothing if it wasn't for the comics, baby!

Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's DEMO was recently recognized

by The Fourth Rail as "Best First Issue of 2003" and the Isotope was proud to

get to throw the all day long in-store launch party for DEMO #3

with Brian Wood himself.

Brian Wood Month Event - Ted Leo/Pharmacists

Lookout Records recording artist Ted Leo is a perpetual English major

who still gets into bar fights and makes some smoking punk rock

with his band The Pharmacists. A great band for a great month-long event!

This show took place at one of San Francisco's best bars, Bottom of the Hill.

Brian Wood Month Event - Brian Wood's Birthday Party

Celebrating the birth of one of comic's greatest talents all day at the Isotope,

and with an evening trip to the Isotope's local karaokee hooker bar.

Oh yeah, and lots of booze!

Brian Wood Month Event - Speakeasy Brewery Tour

Deep sixing Brian Wood Month with a tour of the San Francisco Bay Area's

best micro-brewery Speakeasy Brewery. Those who survived BWM this long

were treated to a day long beer swilling event that they probably

don't even remember anymore.


Ed Brubaker Over The Top Armwrestlethon

To launch the amazing SLEEPER trade paperback in high style, Ed Brubaker worked the Isotope crowd over with 12 hours of armwrestling action, with free copies of his critically acclaimed works, like CATWOMAN, POINT BLANK, and GOTHAM CENTRAL going to those with the iron and the steel to take Brubaker down!

Official Armwrestlethon press release
Ed's post event write-up on Newsarama
Armwrestlethon photos, video and more on CBR

This event featured in Wizard Magazine.



with Antony Mazzotta

The Isotope, along with our friends at Slave Labor Graphics proudly presented the

BOMBABY BOLLYWOOD BASH to launch the fantastic BOMBABY.

Featuring the comic industry's newest superstar and creator of BOMBABY Antony Mazzotta.

Truly an event of epic proportions!


Codename Joe Casey

Joe Casey writes some lick ass comics, WILDCATS 3.0, HIP FLASK, and AUTOMATIC KAFKA.

He's written every character under the sun, including SUPERMAN and X-MEN

and he even knows Gene Simmons.

Joe Casey is damn cool.

AIT-PlanetLar and the Isotope celebrated the release of Mister Casey's CODEFLESH collection

with a 12 hour marathon event.


2000ad American Invasion Week with Ian Gibson

The Isotope welcomed international sensation and top 2000ad artist Ian Gibson
for an entire weekend of festivities!

For over 30 hours straight this British superstar painted, drew sketches and signed copies of his

seminal work with Alan Moore BALLAD OF HALO JONES.


Tom Beland Eisner Nomination Bash

Celebrating the writer/artist of Eisner nominated
Tom flew in from the tropical island paradise that is Puerto Rico with his wife

(and popular Puerto Rican journalist) Lily Garcia to spend a day with everyone at the Isotope.

An amazing bash of epic proportions. Tom Beland kicks ass!



The Isotope's annual tiki party, coinciding with San Francisco's WonderCon.
2003's featured guest - B. Clay Moore
author of HAWAIIAN DICK from Image Comics.



The Isotope's annual event coinciding with San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo.
One of the staff's favorite events all year long.

APE AFTERMATH features the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony.
2003's award was presented to Rob Osborne for his exceptional mini-comic


Brian Wood's Birthday Party

Celebrating the birth of comic genius Brian Wood
with cases of Budweiser, Lagavulin and plenty of Funwrecking.

And lots and lots of guns.


Warren Ellis Scotch Tasting

The event that the industry will never forget.

Featuring 30 of the best scotches on the planet
and of course, world famous whisky connoisseur Warren Ellis himself.


Wine, Cheese and Comics Tasting

Pairing the right wine, cheese and comics for the perfect experience.

Co-sponsored by the maverick wine makers at
Bonny Doon Vinyards, and featuring many wines not available to the general public.



Watermelon Races

Organized and hosted by Andrew Boyd of SCURVY DOGS fame.



Event Flyer Archive




Back on the back-burner... for now.

John Cassaday @ Isotope

Cassaday comes straight from his drafting table finishing up glorious runs

on PLANETARY and ASTONISHING X-MEN to spend an evening with us.

Not to be missed!

Date & Time TBA


Paul Pope Does the Isotope

The multiple-Eisner Award winning author/artist of HEAVY LIQUID,


invades San Francisco to do the Isotope up in high rockstar style!

Date & Time TBA


Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson


Master of modern horror Steve Niles and the legendary Bernie Wrightson

invade San Francisco with a huge event at the Isotope in celebration of

their new series CITY OF OTHERS with a Zombiefest!

Featuring in-house zombification from the Bay Area's premiere horror

and special effects makeup artist Jared Guenther.

Date & Time TBA


Isotope Presents: Gene Ha

Putting ink to bristol board, Gene Ha has astounded the industry with his brilliant work

on Alan Moore's TOP 10, OKTANE, and the relaunch of AUTHORITY.

The Isotope proudly presents the artist behind some of our favorite books

with a glorious gallery show and huge in-store event.

Date & Time TBA


Mark Buckingham @ Isotope

The Isotope proudly presents an in-store extravaganza with this English comic

book artist who is famous for his legendary work on FABLES as well as


Date & Time TBA


Steve Niles @ the Isotope


returns to the Isotope to celebrate his brand new graphic novel with legendary artists

Gary Panter, Dr. Revolt, Kim Buzzeli, and Morning Breath... THE LOST ONES.

Co-sponsored by our amigos at Zune Arts.

New Date & Time