A Clea Fashion Parade

My favorite part of the internet is getting to accidentally run into random nerd weirdness. Today, while answering a customer’s question about Steve Ditko costumes I happened upon a really incredible comic fan blog, The Wastebasket, that looks to have all the obsessive-compulsive features I like in a comics blog.

Blog owner Tony bills his writings “Disposable Thoughts on a Disposable Culture” and features such oddball and wonderful things as slightly dirty remixes of classic Kirby comics with eye-opening results, letters to superheroes about their relationships, massive chronologies of the Marvel Universe broken down to months, and in-depth discussions on why Superman’s hair is blue.

Check out Tony’s amazing article on the changing styles of Dr. Strange’s always cool ladyfriend Clea, the curly-haired master of the Dark Dimension. Of course I love this stuff, what could be better than comics + fashion?

Clea’s Fashion Parade

Hey Tony… love your Mike Allred-y art, your crazy rants, and your hilarious take on silverage comics. When are you going to start making comics for me to sell?

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