A Nice Write-Up on Passport 2010

There’s a really great write-up at Red Letter Day Zine on the SF Arts Commission’s recent PASSPORT 2010 event, which featured our beloved Jamaica Dyer stamping passports here at the Isotope. It’s a really terrific vicarious adventure with lots of running around Hayes Valley collecting stamps from some of the best local artists SF has to offer. We’re told nearly 500 people did this event this year, and they kept us all pretty busy, so for us it’s particularly great to get a peek at what it was like for folks who attended. With lots of photos and lots of love! Check it out:

Red Letter Day Zine’s PASSPORT Report

Jamaica also has a very sweet write-up on her site on the event too, with a pretty great photo from the pre-event party too!

Jamaica Dyer’s PASSORT Report

  1. Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day

    Mr. James —

    Thanks to everyone at Isotope — you guys were fantastic hosts! It was awesome to drop by and bask in the glow of all the awesome… 🙂 Next time I stop by, I won’t be in such a rush — will take my time and read some of the latest and greatest.

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