A Red Mass For Mars… Returns!

Wow, could I possibly be more excited from one tiny Twitter today by comic author Jonathan Hickman?! Let me share it with you:

What? What?!!!!! RED MASS issue 4 AT THE PRINTERS.

This, my friends is a great day indeed! Hickman burst onto the comics scene with the awe-inspiring mini-series The Nightly News which, if you shop at the Isotope, I have probably put in your hands personally. From the moment I read those first pages I had already decided that I was going to be following his career with an eagle eye to make sure my collection didn’t miss a thing. And boy did Hickman deliver!

From corporate backstabbery and genetic engineering gone wrong with Transhuman, to the alternative history mind-melt of Pax Romana, to great spy action in Secret Warriors, to my current favorite Marvel book S.H.I.E.L.D., to the smartest and most fun Fantastic Four comics of my lifetime… anything he puts his name on his nothing short of brilliant.

But the one sadness in the wonderful world of Hickman was always A Red Mass For Mars, a post-apocalyptic thriller jam-packed with technology run amok, pissed off superhumans, warring alien hoards, precognitive benefactors, and black hole doomsday bombs you could ever hope for. Three of the four issues came and went leaving us all on the edge of our proverbial seats waiting for a conclusion that would no doubt blow our collective minds with all the star-burning power of the end of everything. We then we waited. And waited. To be honest, I’d given up on the series.

But once again… Jonathan Hickman delivers!

Go ahead and get excited about this great news with me, go check out a ton of previews of his comics at his home on the web: www.pronea.com

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