Avengers Vs X-Men gets Isotope-ized

There are few things that could make the most anticipated Marvel event of the year, AVENGERS VS X-MEN, better. This 12 issue mini-series boasts a true superstar creative team, teaming up a fistful of the industry’s best writers Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker with art gods Frank Cho, Johnny Romita Jr, Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert. And c’mon, it’s the Avengers verses the X-Men, if that doesn’t get you at least a little excited, I think your Nerdjoy Receptors need a re-configuration.

So what could make it better? If it got Isotope-ized! Check out this awesome shout-out our comic writing amigo Jason Aaron managed to work into issue zero, complete with the shop’s address, over some San Francisco police scanner chatter:

And what’s that 10-30 that’s in progress?! Click through to the Official Ten-Code List from the Association of Public Communications Officers to see!

AVENGERS VS X-MEN issue #0 hits store shelves the planet over on March 28. You can indulge in an exclusive 5 page sneak peek of this issue over on CBR to see this panel in it’s full glory. And… for those of you who have been waiting for us to announce this…

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
8pm – 11pm

So which side will your friends here at the Isotope be backing? Do you have to even ask?

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