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Each month for the past two years we’ve sent out an email to Isotope’s subscribers giving them a heads-up on the best the future has to offer. From the under-hyped and hidden treasures that fall between the cracks to the sure-to-sell-out blockbusters, it’s all about helping keep our folks informed and ensuring we’re always keeping our people happy.

Here’s this month’s awesome selection of comic reading treasures coming out in the not-so distant future, including such exciting things as this Einstein panel at left from THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS. Orders for these are due Monday, January 23rd, midnight-time. So if you have a pull-list at the Isotope click on through and add some fresh goodness to your list. And if you’re interested in setting up a pull list drop us a friendly email, why don’t you? It’s simplicity itself to set up and manage.

by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

BKV returns to the world of comics with the brilliant Fiona Staples and one of the most anticipated books of 2012! An epic science fiction fantasy tale of intergalactic love, war, betrayal, politics and hope. This is the triumphant return to comics by the bald-headed genius who brought us Y THE LAST MAN and rescued the LOST tv show just in time, and if any other writer was doing “Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars” I might scoff at the idea, but Brian K Vaughan has proven time and again he’s got the skills to really pull this off in high style. As excited as people are now, I’m willing to bet they’re going to be out of their minds by the time it hits. We’ll be ordering a truckload… but I’m pretty confident that it’ll still end up selling out very, very fast. Add it to your list, you’ll be glad you did.
Check out an exciting preview of this series here.

by Chip Kidd & Dave Taylor

Remember when I told you Dave Taylor was “Your Next Comic Creator Obsession” way, way back in July of 2010? Well dear friends, he’s finally finished drawing his mysterious Batbook. Prepare to be completely blown away.
Here’s a sneak peek.

Jan Strnad & Richard Corben

This comic stars a living castle and is drawn by Richard Corben. Seriously cool. More here.

by David Lapham & Roberto de la Torre

I’ll admit it, I was hoping that Wolverine would have brought AoA Jean Grey home with him for all sorts of naughty behavior and to really drive Scott crazy during X-MEN: SCHISM time. But I guess a whole new series set in that universe is the next best thing, right? And even better, this promises to have some lovely Roberto de la Torre art to go with that David Lapham writing. Spinning out of the pages of Rick Remender’s totally amazing UNCANNY X-FORCE series (which should definitely be on your must-buy list).

by Bill Willingham & Phil Jimenez

Attention FABLES fans! Here’s the new series we’ve been waiting for! It’s the all ladies spin-off series boasting some really incredible creative teams that will definitely make Waiting For The Trade a challenge. Preview some pretty, pretty art from this series and check out this article for more info.

by Terry Moore

Terry Moore’s beloved new zombie series is now in softcover format, and it is the perfect time to start reading what many folks were calling “the best new series of 2011” (and mentioned here in my year-end wrap-up). Check out an interview w/ Moore on the series here.

by Ann Nocenti & Harvey Tolibao

GREEN ARROW gets a new creative team and it’s great news! One of the greatest unsung authors of the 1980s returns to comics on the *perfect* book for her, Ann Nocenti is known and beloved by hardcore DAREDEVIL fans the world over for what is probably the second best DD run ever (after Frank Miller), and that series has had some amazing runs. I can’t wait to see what she does with this book! Check out this interview for more.

by Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan

Still my favorite Brian Wood comic all these years later, a little bit raw and a little bit unrefined, and absolutely the foundation upon which DMZ was built. And there’s a whole lot to love about this finally-back-in-print deluxe CHANNEL ZERO. I probably own more original art from this book than any other.

by Marc Guggenheim, Sandy Plunkett, Art Adams & Darwyn Cooke

Someone must be asleep at the wheel over at the IDW Media Desk because there’s been almost no news out there about the return of one of the best new series of 2011. Well no worries, you’ve got me keeping an eye out for you! Add it to your list!

by Marv Wolfman & Tom Mandrake

Gene Colan may not be with us anymore, but Tom Mandrake is one of the most brilliant replacements in the history of comics. DC’s whole horror comics line is fantastic and knowing how skin-crawling the previous NIGHTFORCE series was back in the day, this one is a must buy. Dear DC, do bring on the super expensive oversized hardcover. I’ll be first in line! See why I care here.

by Garth Ennis & Jacen Burrows

Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows return to the grossest thing in comics CROSSED by launching an all-new ongoing BI-WEEKLY series. This… is going to get ugly! Preview it here.

by Paul Cornell & Ryan Kelly

We here at the Isotope love Paul Cornell comics more than Dave Tompkins loves vocorders, so we couldn’t have been more thrilled to hear about his new Vertigo series. We can’t wait to check out what the DOCTOR WHO, DEMON KNIGHTS, and CAPTAIN BRITAIN scribe has up his sleeves in this trip through UFO mythology, politics and modern Americana. Read an interview here.

by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra & Cris Peter

New creator owned series from Jonathan Hickman. The year’s only started but so far Image Comics is really killing it in 2012. Check out a sneak peek here.

by Pat Mills & Clint Langley

Don’t you wish your badass barbarian comics looked like this? And this? And this: And this?
This one does. On every single page.

by Milo Manara

NOT FOR THE KIDS! Contains all four volumes of Manara’s CLICK! series and more. Classy but dirty, dirty EuroComics stuff.

by Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron & Frank Cho

He might be my favorite mutant but let’s face it, Scott is a villain these days. He does crazy villian-y stuff even Magneto wouldn’t do, his friends are all villains, he’s been secretly locking up anyone who doesn’t agree with him like all proper villains do, and he’s the guy who decided to move his people onto a cold-ass rock out by the SF Breakers instead of in that ultra-posh oceanside headquarters in the Marin headlands. And those x-kids and clubbers didn’t even get a cut of the action, he’s Marvel’s greatest real estate villain!

AvsX promises to answer the questions we’ve all been asking since the excellent HOUSE OF M, AVENGERS CHILDREN’S CRUSADE mini and X-MEN MESSIAH COMPLEX. And the writing team of Bendis, Aaron, Fraction and Hickman sounds like a League of Extraordinarily Talented Gentlemen, so I’m excited by the very premise alone. And hey, just which side is Wolverine going to end up on? Howabout Beast? Or Scarlet Witch? And will we get another throw-down between Ms. Marvel and Rogue?! Yep, I’m definitely on board.

Ah, it’s a wonderful world of new comics, isn’t it? Drop us a line if you want us to set you up a pull-list to hold any of these beauties, we’re happy to do it. And please do get those orders in before Final Order Cut Off so we can ensure we’re getting all of you all of the good things that make all of us happy!

  1. York Gaskins

    Woot! Ennis back on Crossed with Jacen Burrows!! Please add to my file? 🙂

  2. Mike

    I’m both really looking forward to Geof Darrow’s return to Shaolin Cowboy at Darkhorse as well as kicking myself for not picking up all the old Burlyman issues because “I’ll just wait for the trade”

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