JH Williams III & W Haden Blackman

Meet the creators behind BATWOMAN, the gorgeous and critically acclaimed new series with a duo of once-in-a-lifetime Isotope events. Take an uncommon look at The New 52 Art Tour Portfolio, including six 11×17 sets of artwork (from script to inks to the final full-color production pages), including a three piece BATWOMAN collection. And on display for the entire month of December in the Isotope’s legendary original art gallery will be every page of JH Williams III’s hand-drawn artwork for BATWOMAN issue #3. These pages will only be displayed together for the public this one time, and nowhere else on the planet.

A daytime all-ages autographing session, followed by a late-night bash with Kirsten’s array of custom designed BATWOMAN cocktails.

This event also featured the Isotope’s exclusive, original JH Williams III Pirate Girl Pin-Up Highball glass made just for attendees of this event… free! See it here.


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11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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