Celebrate the Olympians

Is there anything better than to see a smiling kid with a comic in their hands? Here at the Isotope we are lucky to see that every single day. We probably have more photos of kids enjoying great comics in the Isotope lounge or launching their own comic careers or starring in music videos or meeting their idols here than any other group of folks.

Of all our favorite books to put in the hands of the kiddos one of the ones we love most is George O’Connor‘s gorgeous series of THE OLYMPIANS books from our friends at First Second Books. Re-exploring the Greek pantheon with style, O’Connor serves up a great mix of classic mythology and a tip of the hat to classic silverand bronze age superhero comics. Filled with all the monsters, romance and warring immortals we could ask for these action-packed, high-drama fantasy adventures are great for kids and adults alike.

So we couldn’t be happier for our first event of 2014 is a chance to get to have Mister O’Connor in to meet his fans here at the Isotope! He’ll be signing books, doing sketches and ranting about all our favorite Greek Myths with us.

George O’Connor @ Isotope
Thursday, February 6th
5:30pm – 7:00pm

Check out more about THE OLYMPIANS series: http://olympiansrule.com

See you all then!

  1. Lance Christian Johnson

    I’m a big fan of the Olympians books. Is there a signing limit, as it would be cool to get all six volumes signed.

    Also, I have not attended one of your events before. Do you recommend getting there early?

  2. James Sime

    Lance, these are excellent questions! Since this is a Thursday evening event and the majority of George’s hardcore fans tend to be our weekend crowd, I think you’ll be good. I’ve invited in the French-American school, but as it’s after school hours for them & dinner time/evening for the kids too, I don’t expect we’ll get hit too hard. George told me he’s excited to sketch for you folks and I don’t foresee you’ll have a problem getting all your OLYMPIANS signed. See you then!

    – James

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