Celebrate Those You Love, San Francisco!

(sigh) Seeing that gorgeous Darwyn Cooke art above just makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Speaking of things that make you feel good, it’s time to do something nice for the great city of San Francisco and to take a moment to celebrate what makes it such a fantastic place to live… it’s time for the SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay reader’s poll. Join us in celebrating the people and places we all love here in the greatest city on Earth. There really are lots of wonderful eligible businesses and delightful staff members behind those spots we adore who will no doubt appreciate being told how much it means to us to have them around.

Celebrate those you love, San Francisco! Vote here:

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

Here’s some of mine and the Isotope family’s personal favorites:

Food & Drink
“Best New Restaurant” Boxing Room
“Best Late-Night Restaurant” Sauce
“Best Romantic Restaurant” Waterbar
“Best Food Cart” Curry Up Now
“Best Pizza” Patxis
“Best Sandwich” Ike’s Place
“Best Burger” Jardiniere (seriously!)
“Best Sushi” Otoro Sushi
“Best Seafood Restaurant” Farallon
“Best Indian Restaurant” Chutney
“Best Thai Restaurant” Jitlada Thai
“Best Lunch” Catfish Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
“Best Dessert” PB&J @ Sauce
“Best Food/Drinks Blog” EaterSF
“Best Cup of Coffee” Blue Bottle
“Best Cup of Tea” Samovar Tea Lounge
“Best Dive Bar” 500 Club
“Best Swanky Bar” Bourbon & Branch
“Best Happy Hour” Shotwell’s
“Best Wine Bar” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Brewery” Speakeasy
“Best Selection of Beer” City Beer Store
“Best Cocktails” Smuggler’s Cove
“Best Bloody Mary” Zeitgeist
“Best Butcher Shop” Fatted Calf
“Best Chocolatier” Christopher Elbow

Arts & Nightlife
“Best Movie Theatre” Balboa Theatre
“Best Rep Film House” Vortex Room
“Best Museum” The Exploratorium
“Best Art Gallery” Cartoon Art Museum
“Best Art Collective” Writers Old Fashioned
“Best Local Author” Jamaica Dyer
“Best Local Zine” Ashcan
“Best Local Publishing House” Nightshade Books
“Best Local Record Label” Prank Records or Pirate’s Press
“Best Local Band” Hunx and His Punx
“Best DJ” DJ Bearzbub
“Best Rock Club” Thee Parkside
“Best Salsa Club” The Roccapulco
“Best House/Techno Club” Shine
“Best Jukebox” Lucky 13
“Best Overall Queer Party” Friday Night @ The Stud
“Best Gay Bar” The Cinch
“Best Drag Show” Anna Conda’s Charlie Horse
“Best Burlesque Act or Show” Hubba Hubba Review

“Best Overall Bookstore” Borderlands Books
“Best Used Bookstore” Green Apple Books
“Best Comic Book Store” Isotope
“Best Record Store” Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl
“Best Men’s Clothing Store” Harry O. Menswear’s Secret Upstairs Floor
“Best Local Designer” Sally Kuchar
“Best Shoe Store” Gimme Shoes
“Best Furniture Store” Inside Modern
“Best Toy Store” Super 7
“Best Bike Shop” Box Dog Bikes
“Best Quirky Specialty Store” Swankety Swank
“Best Florist” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Place to Buy Lingerie” Dark Garden

City Living
“Best Street Fair” BYO Big Wheel
“Best Hotel” Sleep
“Best Tourist Attraction” Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum
“Best Tour” Alcatraz
“Best Style Blog” CurbedSF
“Best Radio Station” SomaFM
“Best Place to Get a Tattoo” Body Manipulations
“Best Tattoo Artist” Tex
“Best Local Animal Rescue” Rocketdog Rescue
“Best Pet Groomer” All Creatures Healing Network
“Best Hairstylist” Donnelle @ Hair of the Gods
“Best Amateur Sport Team” Bay Area Derby Girls: Oakland Outlaws
“Best Massage Therapist” Justin Hall
“Best Public Park” Golden Gate Park
“Best Park for Dogs” Lafayette Park
“Best Skate Spot” The Embarcadero
“Best Place to Watch the Sunset” Golden Gate Bridge

Feel free to add your own wonderful suggestions in the comment below, I always want to know about the amazing people and places that I may be missing. And don’t delay on getting those votes in, the poll ends next week on Wednesday the 29th!

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

  1. Sally Kuchar

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! You’re the best!

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