Cool & Nerdy: Stormtroopers

One of the things I really love about the SF Bay Area is that people dress up and they do it often. I don’t mean dress up in a suit and a tie kind of way, although they do that too, I’m talking about people dressing up silly… and that’s a field which San Francisco really excels. It’s no secret that I do some manufacturing of an excuse to do that too!

I always love seeing armies of Stormtroopers “working security” at the cons or getting down on the dancefloor on Halloween or marching through the city during Bay to Breakers. They might look grim but I bet they’re usually grinning ear to ear under those helmets, because Stormtroopers seem to always be doing something fun.

Writing this I can’t help but think about the time I went to the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration a few years ago. You would seriously not believe the amount of hooking up I saw going on at that show! It seemed like everybody who was wearing a costume was there just to have sex with other people who like Star Wars too. But most shocking was the fact that there wasn’t a single Han in sight. And with literally hundreds of Slave Leias to rescue? Even the worst looking Han Solo would have had his hands full at that convention. Just FYI to all you single gents out there…

Anyway, go and click on through to see a whole bunch of hilarious pictures of cool and nerdy Stormtroopers doing all sorts of funny stuff. It will definitely make you smile!

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