Courtney Crumrin Live

Webcast footage of Ted Naifeh and This Can’t End Well performing a live version of Ted’s award winning graphic novel COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS from Oni Press.

Performed before a truly packed house for San Francisco’s beloved indie music festival, Noise Pop, and truly a shining moment for the first-ever Noise Pop Culture Club. I think you will all really enjoy watching it and seeing what Ted and his merry band of fabulous musicians, actors and sound effectians brought to wow us with.

Apologies for the somewhat rough nature of the camera work and the times when we lose video. We had two professional video crews covering this event as well so there will certainly be better footage released soon… but I thought you’d all enjoy seeing our unpolished live webcast capture of this amazing performance.

Thanks to Ted, the band, Noise Pop and to Dyami Serna for helping make all of this possible.

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