Just What The Doctor Ordered

While the planets take their time to align and the stars configure at what surely must be the slowest speed possible, the good Doctor Strange has always weathered the most turbulent storms of the Marvel universe, battling the unseen forces of chaos with a grace and dignity that few others have. 

Even with the most rudimentary knowledge of astrology I know it’s pretty clear that, given all that has been written about the character over the years, the man is a Scorpio. And that means that sometime between October 23rd and November 22nd must be the good doctor’s birthday. What better time for Marvel to announce the next stage in Doctor Strange’s life/death/rebirth cycle than now… with a return to the golden area of the legendary Roger Stern at the helm?

Since Marvel announced this on the 3rd, the day after creator Steve Ditko‘s day of birth, I’m going to be counting that as the good doctor’s birthday from here on out. Feel free to join me. 

Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault hits this February and with this news I can feel the stars aligning just a little bit faster. Thank the Hoary Hoasts for that! Read more about it here:

Marvel Unearths Lost ‘Doctor Strange’ One-Shot by Roger Stern and Neil Vokes

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