Donald Glover For Spider-Man!

If you pay attention to comics and movie news you no doubt already know that there are big changes coming when Spidey returns to theaters in 2012. We’re talking an entirely new cast and a big push of the reboot button that starts the story all over again with Peter Parker in high school. I can see why that might have to happen, but the whole thing just sounds pretty yawn-inducing to me. And then the director’s short list of potential actors was released and it’s even more boring.

But just when I’ve written off the next Spider-Man I hear some more news and suddenly the prospect of a new movie is exciting again!

Last week Donald Glover and his fans launched an all-out viral campaign to get the African-American actor a Spidey audition. Even Stan “The Man” Lee got in on it (of course)! Glover is well known to anyone watching NBC’s “Community” or to folks who have seen his comedy troop’s insanely popular YouTube videos. He’s no slouch behind the camera either, winning an Emmy Award writer of “30 Rock.”

He wants to be Spider-Man and I want him to be Spidey too!

As a comic retailer I see first-hand lots of kids of all races looking for a comic book superhero that looks like they do, and honestly, it’s pretty grim out there for anybody but whites. It’s a real bummer to see DC’s recent white-washing and it was frustrating when Marvel wasted a golden opportunity to reach out to a huge new market with Captain America. No more! Let’s have some heroes with some color I say!

Go show your support by joining the Donald Glover For Spider-Man Facebook page.

Hey Hollywood, this is the Spider-Man movie I want to see!

Who’s with me?!

  1. Ben Nathan

    I want that to happen. All the actors on that “in consideration” list do suck. Hopefully this campaign makes a difference.

  2. Hoa

    I want to see this happen too! Anyone can play a nerd, but casting someone with comedic timing is key to a quality Spidey.

    Until Marvel gets the rights back to Spidey and I can see him cracking jokes to Thor and Cap while battling Skrulls and Hydra Agents, this is the most exciting move Hollywood could take to keep me interested in the franchise. And it’ll make up for them white-washing Prince of Persia and Avatar:The Last Airbender. :)

  3. James Sime

    Hoa, you and I are on *exactly* the same page!

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