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Let us introduce you to your favorite comic creators.

Joshua Hale Fialkov

Launching THE BUNKER

It is with great smiles in our hearts that we announce an in-store event with Joshua Hale Fialkov, to launch the graphic novel collection of one of the coolest science fiction books of all, THE BUNKER!

THE BUNKER is a psych horror science fiction tale like no other. “When a group of friends discover a military survival bunker what they find will change their lives forever” is about all that can be said about the actual plot without spoiling the many surprises within. It’s a great exploration of the juxtaposition between pre-determined fate and freedom of choice, hapless young people in way over their heads, and of course a voyeuristic peek into the end of the world itself. No surprise this book has been so popular among comic fans.

Fialkov’s resume of awesome comics runs deep. From his new creator owned hit THE LIFE AFTER to his breakouts ELK’S RUN and ECHOES, to his latest Marvel work on ULTIMATE FF, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and CATACALYSM (starring the grandest planet-eater of all Galactus) to his acclaimed DC work on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and the sleeper star of the New52 I. VAMPIRE, to the madcap cutup humor of PUNKS with Kody Chamberlain and one of our favorite crime noir graphic novels ever, TUMOR… the man just keeps putting out fantastic reads!

We here at the Isotope are absolutely thrilled to get to have him in. We’ve known Josh for a long time, back when that mighty resume was just a mad twinkle in his eye, either 2002 or 2003 when we were buying up armloads of his hilarious POORLY DRAWN ANIMALS mini-comics at the Alternative Press Expo. Watching his career explode since then has been nothing short of glorious.

What better creator to continue our Year of In-Store Amazement with?

Josh Fialkov @ Isotope
Wednesday, August 6th 2014
4pm – 7pm

Come celebrate with us!

  • Date: Wednesday 8.6.14
  • Time: 4-7pm
  • Place: Isotope
  • Age: All Ages
  • Cost: Free
Past Events
A history of the years of amazing Isotope events.

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ Isotope on Wednesday Jul 16th 2014

In celebration of the most anticipated book of 2014, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s upcoming SECONDS from the brilliant folks at Random House… the man himself and we here at the Isotope will be rocking San Francisco’s collective worlds with an event of truly mythological proportions!

SECONDS continues a truly stunning body of work by O’Malley. Including the most influential comic of its generation, SCOTT PILGRIM, and his two amazing graphic novels LOST AT SEA and HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO. And this return to store shelves sounds like his most ambitious work yet! SECONDS stars chef entrepreneur Katie, a woman gifted with a second chance at everything, thanks to a magical mushroom-enhanced ability to rewind existence and fix any damage done. But ambitious Katie can’t help but tinker with fate, even it it’s against the rules, and who can blame her? When you’re just that close to a Perfect Life what’s one more little tweak?! We’re definitely looking forward to reading this!

And in celebration, Bryan Lee O’Malley and we here at the Isotope are teaming up for an event to celebrate. Two events, in fact! As Mister O’Malley hasn’t made very many SF Bay Area appearances this past decade, we know his visit is going to be *very* popular. The Isotope staff wants you all to have a wonderful experience meeting him and for everyone to get to create amazing memories of Bryan’s visit together. A duo of events to make everyone happy! First up is a daytime signing event for the under 21 crowd, and then an epic celebration later that evening for the folks who like our mix and mingle, bring-your-ID, after-dark events.

Ted Naifeh @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Jun 7th 2014

Isotope is sacred ground for this first of our two PRINCESS UGG celebrations of epic Viking proportions with two-time Eisner Award nominee author/artist Ted Naifeh!

Following up in the footsteps of his celebrated COURTNEY CRUMRIN and POLLY & THE PIRATES works, his latest series completes a triptych of Oni Press awesome, and proves once again why Naifeh’s unique brand of distinctly beautiful comics are truly the pride of the industry. Summoning a fresh cauldron of epic fantasy adventure, Naifeh’s coming of age yarn both rejects many of the trappings of traditional Disney-ified YA princess fantasy while celebrating all the cool stuff the genre promises. PRINCESS UGG is truly the finest breed of Best New Releases of 2014 AD.

Starring Warrior Princess Ülga, a wild young barbarian with an axe-swinging taste for adventure and action, finds herself shipped off for tribal duty… can even she survive the nightmare-inducing terrors of the fine ladies’ finishing school? Or will that rebellious glint in her eye and her sharpened steel end up spelling doom for all?

Grab your Viking helmets and ride your woolly mammoth steeds to come join us for this daytime all-ages event launching PRINCESS UGG in high Isotope style!

Free Comic Book Day 2014

@ Isotope on Saturday May 3rd 2014

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. And here at the Isotope our FCBD celebrations are truly the stuff of legend, feast your eyes! Once again featuring San Francisco’s most glorious and massive smorgasboard of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages!

Our featured comic creator special guest star for 2014 is Aidan Hernacki! A true sequential art phenom at 11 years old, Aidan’s celebrated ONION BROS comic saw it’s debut here at the Isotope last year with THE ONION BROS: ADVENTURES IN SPACE, a hilarious action adventure romp, which has been endorsed by none other than John Barrowman (yep, CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS) himself. With new printings and also the debuting his latest self-published opus for our Free Comic Book Day masses ONION BROS: VAMPIRE HUNTERS!

Also featuring San Francisco’s very own DJ BEARZBUB, spinning his favorite blend of extra-exotical b-sides, booty shaking nöyze, and rare, rare beats. And two surprises…

501st Stormtrooper Legionnaire as the “Isotope Security Staff
SANDMAN OVERTURE’s JH Williams III as the “Isotope Shop Boy

George O Connor

@ Isotope on Thursday Feb 6th 2014

Of all our favorite books to put in the hands of the kiddos one of the ones we love most is George O’Connor’s gorgeous series of OLYMPIANS books from our friends at First Second Books. Re-exploring the Greek pantheon with style, O’Connor serves up a great mix of classic mythology and a tip of the hat to classic silverand bronze age superhero comics. Filled with all the monsters, romance and warring immortals we could ask for these action-packed, high-drama fantasy adventures are great for kids and adults alike.

We couldn’t be happier for our first event of 2014 is a chance to get to have Mister O’Connor in to meet his fans here at the Isotope! He’ll be signing books, doing sketches and ranting about all our favorite Greek Myths with us.

Check out more about the OLYMPIANS series:


@ Isotope on Saturday Oct 12th 2013

In honor of the Alternative Press Expo this weekend we’re kicking our traditional annual batch up a notch… DOCTOR LOLLIPOP style!

Ms. Kelly Martin is one of our all-time favorite San Francisco comic creators and her DOCTOR LOLLIPOP comic fills our hearts with sparkles and smiles. And we couldn’t stop bouncing for joy we heard that the amazing people behind one of the best cartoons ever ADVENTURE TIME were going to be adapting her comic with full participation from Ms. Martin as an animated feature for CARTOON HANGOVER.

What better time to get to throw a big, crazy APE AFTERMATH featuring Ms. Martin and her amazing comic creation! Featuring stylish grooves curated by DJ Bearzbub! And in honor of our love for everything Doctor Lollipop, our resident mixologist Kirsten Baldock will be serving up her pinkest cocktail ever!

Nick Dragotta @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Sep 21st 2013

Our favorite new series of 2013 is definitely the post-apocalyptic western EAST OF WEST and we couldn’t be more excited to get to celebrate the launch of the collection with the book’s amazing artist… Nick Dragotta!

Nick’s art has dazzled us for a few years now with mystic arts and high mutant weirdness on X-STATIX PRESENTS: DEAD GIRL (with Isotope favorite Peter Milligan), explored the uncomfortable underbelly of the Marvel Universe on VENGEANCE (with another IsoFave Joe Casey), dazzled our poor little minds on FF (with yet another favorite ’round these parts Jonathan Hickman), transported us back to yesteryear on CAPTAIN AMERICA: FOREVER ALLIES (with comics legend Roger Stern), and always always brings a smile to our faces with his awesome site HOWTOONS.

Come celebrate with us! Our beloved Kirsten Baldock is crafting up a palette-stunning cocktail list based on Nick’s work in honor of the evening. Mister Dragotta promises a sketchbook-filling Four Horsemen styled evening… and we’re hoping he’ll bring in some original art for us to buy as well!

Woodring & Frisell

@ SFJAZZ on Fell @ Franklin on Saturday Sep 14th 2013

Bill Frisell’s third night as Resident Artistic Director is a delightful live multi-media collaboration between Frisell’s Beautiful Dreamers trio and influential Seattle-based cartoonist and animator Jim Woodring. For this special performance, Woodring will create live digital illustrations, projected on the Miner Auditorium video screen, to accompany and inspire the music.

Preview this great Frisell-Woodring collaboration here

Jim Woodring is an acclaimed artist and animator, known best for his character FRANK, who has appeared in a number of graphic novels and in his previous multi-media collaboration with Frisell, 2006’s Probability Cloud. The Comics Journal named two of Woodring’s creations to their list of 100 Best Comics of the Century, and his previous work with Frisell resulted in a United States Artists Fellowship.

Behind guitarist Bill Frisell’s affable demeanor there’s a steely-willed artist whose creative ambitions span the continent. Since his early days on the Downtown Manhattan scene in the mid-1970s, when he became a key collaborator with John Zorn, Frisell has steadily expanded his sonic purview, staking a claim to an ever-greater range of media, material, and musical traditions.

More info here

Dave Johnson 2013

@ Isotope on Saturday Aug 10th 2013

Multiple award winning comic artist Dave Johnson is famous for his stunning covers on 100 BULLETS, THE PUNISHER, BATMAN, FURY MAX, DEADPOOL and hundreds more. He did full interiors on one of the best Superman stories ever SUPERMAN RED SON. He’s known his amazing animation projects including BATMAN BEYOND, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, BEN10, FLATULENE, and even a heartbreakingly unproduced MICRONAUTS series. He hosted one of the Isotope’s craziest barcrawls ever, DAVE JOHNSON NEEDS PIRATES TIKI TOUR.

And he, along with fellow artist Dan Panosian, launched a SoCal tradition in 2005 that has spread through the country like wildfire and spawned two gorgeous hardcover collections (here and here)… THE DRINK AND DRAW SOCIAL CLUB.

And now San Francisco, it’s your turn to celebrate this fine tradition alongside the founding father and one of the industry’s best artists! The right Reverend Dave Johnson is calling out to all local artists to gather up your fistful of Rapidographs, Conté Crayons, General’s Charcoals and Prismacolors for an evening of good cheer, great tunes and amazing live art here at the Isotope. Featuring amazing Rev Dave inspired cocktails by Kirsten Baldock.

Comixology & Isotope

@ The High Dive Lounge on Tuesday Jun 11th 2013

Most of you know the Isotope goes way, way back with our friends David Steinberger and John Roberts from Comixology (even back to when they were known as iComicsOnSale). Like all the best friendships, we’ve had many great times just hanging out together and we’ve also taken that mutual admiration for each other to do cool stuff together. We conceived, constructed, and tirelessly beta-tested a Comics Subscription System for Retailers and Readers that has enabled comic stores all over the planet to take amazing care of their customers and grow their businesses. And, along with the industry’s most forward thinking shops, we’ve pioneered together the fusion of analog and digital comics markets. The best of all possible worlds!

But for some strange reason, we’ve never thrown a party together. The time for that to change is now.

In honor of the 2013 WWDC that brought our friends to town this month and the upcoming 7th anniversary of the Isotope/Comixology friendship, let me invite you to our first official event together! We’ll be posted up Bay Side at one of SF’s most beloved old school treasures, the city’s best dive featuring the city’s best view, The Hi Dive Lounge for a nice evening of cocktails and great comic talk. Join us, won’t you?

Free Comic Book Day 2013

@ Isotope on Saturday May 4th 2013

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at fun lovin’ comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we will once again will be featuring a massive selection of (quite literally) thousands of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages.

This year’s special guest star was 10 year old comic creator Aidan Hernacki. His new comic THE ONION BROS. ADVENTURES IN SPACE was a tremendous success at the event… every copy sold!

Akira The Don

@ Isotope on Saturday Apr 20th 2013

Straight from the boroughs of East London comes AKIRA THE DON – legendary rapper, producer, cartoonist, internet personality, sbwriel speaker, facial hair sporter and True Elemental Force of Good.

The Isotope is proud to get to kick off our 2013 event schedule year with a live show on our “world’s tallest stage” with this human ball of amazingly magical energy. Following in the grand tradition of the one and only MC Chris @ Isotope, Japan’s Pine*AM @ Isotope, the unsober Uke Apocalypse @ Isotope and Dame Darcy @ Isotope, our intimate concert series shows are always free of charge, packed to the gills, and only thrown when we really, really mean it. Could there be a more exciting follow-up to those amazing international acts than the amazing AKIRA THE DON?

Those of you who joined us for MorrisonCon in Las Vegas already know why Akira was Mister Grant Morrison’s single most requested convention demand. And we cannot wait to get to introduce the rest of you to him!

More info here

Brian Posehn @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Apr 13th 2013

Hey… it’s funnyman Brian Posehn!

You’ve seen him in Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. You’ve laughed with him on THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, RENO 911! and on ADVENTURE TIME. You’ve rocked out with him on THAT METAL SHOW, at THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS, and in METAL BY NUMBERS. You’ve gotten all real and documentary-ish with him in NERDCORE RISING and in SUPER HIGH ME. You’ve played games with him in BRUTAL LEGEND, on X-PLAY, and rolled polyhedronical dice with him on his weekly D&D podcast NERD POKER. You’ve bought his albums FART AND WIENER JOKES and LIVE IN NERD RAGE. You’ve virtually hung out backstage with him at ANTHRAX and FEAR FACTORY. And you’ve read his (rather awesome) comic books. THE LAST CHRISTMAS and probably the best DEADPOOL comic ever made.

Now you can meet him!

Henry & Glenn Forever

@ Isotope on Saturday Jun 9th 2012

San Francisco is ground zero to kick off the highly-anticipated ALL NEW comic book mini-series HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER! Continuing the exploits from the Igloo Tornado’s infamous first book that paired music legends Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as “room mates” and Hall & Oates as your friendly neighborhood Satanists. The Isotope will be rocking late into the night on this one!

Come get the first issue of this new series signed by artists Tom Neely & Ed Luce, sip H&G4ever themed cocktails, and rock out to the sounds of DJ Bear Z. Bub with a special DJ set by Mister Neely himself. \m/

Katie Longua @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday May 26th 2012

Katie Longua, winner of the 2011 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics, and author/artist behind one of the mostest awesomest super intense metal indie comics in the history of the world will be launching the third issue of RÖK here within the walls of the Isotope on Saturday, May 26th.

In celebration, Katie and her worker nymphs have invaded the Isotope’s legendary window display with amazing life sized hand-painted RÖK Stars! Come check this cartoon powermetal manifestation of the ancient Norse gods, meet the superstar creator, and indulge thyselves in the “manliest magical girl comic ever.”

Prepare for an epic viking metaltastic takeover! Are you ready to RÖK?!

Jeffrey Brown @ Isotope

@ Isotope 326 Fell St on Wednesday May 16th 2012

Indie comics god Jeffrey Brown, the man behind some of our most beloved comics including CAT GETTING OUT OF A BAG, CLUMSY, UNLIKELY, and INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS, has a really wonderful new book coming out that you won’t want to miss… DARTH VADER AND SON, and the Isotope and our friends at Chronicle Books have teamed up to bring you Jeffrey’s first 2012 San Francisco public appearance.

DARTH VADER AND SON takes place in an alternative Star Wars universe filled with hilarious and charming scenes from Luke Skywalker’s childhood if Darth Vader had been a good dad. One look and you’ll be just as in love with this as we all are. We’ll also be giving out free DARTH VADER AND SON pinback buttons during our event too. How cool is that?!

Free Comic Book Day 2012 w/ Naifeh + Ambrose!

@ Isotope on Saturday May 5th 2012

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we will once again be featuring a massive selection of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages… and this year we’re thrilled to announce special guest stars Ted Naifeh (of COURTNETY CRUMRIN fame) and Adrianne Ambrose (author of the awesome FRAGGLE ROCK series) autographing copies of Archaia Publishing’s absolutely free original hardcover anthology featuring their brand new JIM HENSON’S LABYRINTH story!

We’re thrilled to have Ted and Adrianne in and to get to bring all of you the creators behind the most talked-about FCBD offering in the history of the holiday! What could be cooler? Take a peek at this book’s beauty and then come meet the author and artist, we think you’ll love them…

Avengers Vs X-Men Bash

@ Isotope on Tuesday Apr 3rd 2012

Isotope Bank & Trust at 326 Fell Street proudly helps launch the House of Ideas most anticipated series of 2012 with a pre-launch bash. Featuring free posters, X-themed buttons, Marvel lithographs… and variant cover editions the best X-Men costumes we see!

Noise Pop 2012

@ Public Works Gallery on Saturday Feb 25th 2012

Isotope brings the culture of comics to SF’s best festival of indie music, film and art!

With superstar painter/performer/animator/web cartoonist/graphic novelist Jamaica Dyer!

Featuring Jamaica Dyer drawing FOX HEAD STEW before your very eyes with musical soundtrack by female-fronted psychrock supergroup HIKING. And also featuring a duo comic art installation inside Public Works Gallery for Noise Pop Weekend, and our crack team of Sequential Reporters reporting on shows and interviewing Noise Pop’s amazing selection of bands. Featured cartoonists include – Ed Luce, Katie Loungua, Beth Dean, Mari Naomi, Jean Chen, Justin Hall, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Dyami Serna, Peter S. Conrad, Brie Spielmann, Josh Richardson, Matt DeLight, Star St Germain and many more. Many featured on SPIN Magazine’s website, see the complete series of strips here.

More information on these various events here

Blue Estate Launch Party

@ on Wednesday Jan 11th 2012

In honor of one of our favorite pulp crime series in recent years, the Isotope is proud to present a day with BLUE ESTATE series author, cover artist, and art director Viktor Kalvachev!

Celebrating the launch of the second volume of BLUE ESTATE with Viktor all day at the shop and followed up with a fantastic after-party at one of the world’s most beloved cocktail lounges, Smuggler’s Cove (come join us and see why Drinks International Magazine listed Smuggler’s Cove #19 on their World’s Best 50 Bars for 2011 list!)

JH Williams III & W Haden Blackman

@ Isotope on Saturday Dec 3rd 2011

Meet the creators behind BATWOMAN, the gorgeous and critically acclaimed new series with a duo of once-in-a-lifetime Isotope events. Take an uncommon look at The New 52 Art Tour Portfolio, including six 11×17 sets of artwork (from script to inks to the final full-color production pages), including a three piece BATWOMAN collection. And on display for the entire month of December in the Isotope’s legendary original art gallery will be every page of JH Williams III’s hand-drawn artwork for BATWOMAN issue #3. These pages will only be displayed together for the public this one time, and nowhere else on the planet.

A daytime all-ages autographing session, followed by a late-night bash with Kirsten’s array of custom designed BATWOMAN cocktails.

This event also featured the Isotope’s exclusive, original JH Williams III Pirate Girl Pin-Up Highball glass made just for attendees of this event… free! See it here.

Trick-Or-Treat w/ First Second Books

@ Isotope - 326 Fell St on Saturday Oct 29th 2011

How are your All-Hallow’s Eve plans shaping up this year? Ours are looking pretty exciting! It’s San Francisco, we know all you people have some mad Halloween plans going on that whole weekend… and we’ve got the perfect pre-party fun lined up for you, a Trick-or-Treat themed bash with one of our favorite publishers in the biz, First Second Books!

Come join us for this festivity of sweetest of sweet treats, featuring the long-awaited Isotope return of Lark Pien (LONG TAIL KITTY), and also sugar-coated welcomes to special guest superstars Thien Pham (LEVEL-UP), Alex Puvilland (SOLOMON’S THIEVES), legendary creator/game designer Jordan Mechner (PRINCE OF PERSIA), and also the one and only First Second Books Editorial Director Mark Siegel.

We’ll be stuffing your metaphorical treat bags with this killer early-eve celebration of some of the best comic books being published today and a generous handful of :01’s best creators. The Isotope’s annual Halloween Costume Contest will be judged this year by the First Second crew, so come and show off your best (yes, zombies are welcome)!

Lauren Beukes + Isotope = Awesome

@ Isotope on Wednesday Aug 24th 2011

Join us in celebrating 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award winning author Lauren Beukes here at the Isotope!

Some of you may have caught her rather awesome short story “All The Pretty Ponies” in DC Comics’ STRANGE ADVENTURES anthology, or have heard her name mentioned at San Diego Comic Con as a writer of the hotly-anticipated new FABLES spin-off FAIREST, but most folks will know of this South African science fiction author from her novels MOXYLAND and this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award winning ZOO CITY.

Lauren’s fans include folks like William Gibson, Warren Ellis, Bill Willingham and Paul Cornell… and we here at the Isotope suspect before too long you too. Come meet her while she’s here in the United States!

Grant Morrison

@ Isotope 326 Fell St, San Francisco on Saturday Aug 6th 2011

In celebration of Grant’s upcoming SUPERGODS: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human non-fiction hardcover from Spiegel & Grau, the man himself and we here at the Isotope will rocking San Francisco’s collective worlds with an event of truly mythological proportions!

SUPERGODS explores the history of fictionalized super-powered beings from their inception at the dawn of the 20th century to today, examining the quite profound affect these icons have had on worldwide cultural movements, the political climates that drove their emergence and evolution, what these spiritual touchstones mean for the modern age, and where (with their help) humanity goes from here. From the four ages of superheroic zeitgest and beyond, Grant anatomizes superhero history all the while synthesizing a memoir of his own personal journey, one of a writer’s dedication to this epic, near-century-long narrative and of a dimensional pioneer who found a way to penetrate the superworld… and to come back with its stories.

So come, join us in welcoming Grant Morrison back to San Francisco in the highest of high style! We are truly honored to get to host him here at the Isotope once again.

Click Here for Full Details on This Event

Daytime event attendees will receive a copy of SUPERGODS hardcover. Nighttime event attendees will receive a copy of SUPERGODS hardcover and an exclusive commemorative Grant Morrison-themed cocktail glass.

These events are sure to fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

Isotope Presents: Palle Schmidt

@ Isotope on Wednesday Jul 6th 2011

We could not be more honored to get to host Danish comics superstar Palle Schmidt this month!

Known internationally for the gritty crime noir thriller Blodets Konkubine, which we Americans will know better as The Devil’s Concubine (translated and re-published here in the states by IDW just this May).

Palle’s body of moody noir comic work is right up the our alley and we think it will be up yours too. Prepare yourself by checking out more of Palle’s jaw-dropping The Devil’s Concubine art and read more about this beautiful graphic novel starring two quick-on-the-trigger-finger hitmen on the run from dirty cops, angry gangs of Rastafarians, and a crime lord out for blood by clicking through here. And see more yet-to-be-translated treasures from him on his English language website here.

And then, this Wednesday, come and meet the Danish comics superstar himself!

Frank Quitely @ Isotope

@ Isotope @ 326 Fell St San Francisco on Saturday Apr 2nd 2011

Frank Quitely, the Scottish comics art god behind some of the best comics of the decade, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, NEW X-MEN, WE3, and BATMAN & ROBIN, comes to the Isotope for a rare American appearance! Frank will be hanging out, talking comics, meeting fans, and signing autographs all night. We also hear he’s planning to bring in some original artwork to sell too. Awesome!

This event also featurings world-record sword swallower Betty Bloomerz and the famous Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow from Philadelphia, PA for a special happy hour show to entertain him and all of you. Yes, you read that right… sword swallowing! And all night long we’ll also be spotlighting the sweet, backside-shaking tunes by San Francisco’s hottest grandmaster on the wheels of steel, DJ Bearzbub, and an assortment of original cocktails based on Frank’s work created just for this event by Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock. What could be better?

Walking Dead Bar Crawl

@ Shine @ 1337 Mission st on Friday Apr 1st 2011

The legendary event! Robert Kirkman of THE WALKING DEAD fame and hoards of his zombified fans invaded the apocalypse-worthy drinking establishments of SF, seeking the flesh of the living, and adult beverages on the planet’s first WALKING DEAD BAR CRAWL! Isotope Comics, iFanboy, and Image Comics brought a night the city will never forget. Featuring the world famous MAGIC BUS.

Grab the Survival Guide here. Photos and video in links at right.

Noise Pop 2011

@ Public Works Gallery on Sunday Feb 27th 2011

Isotope brings the culture of comics to SF’s best festival of indie music, film and art!

With Ben Templesmith and Ted Naifeh!

Featuring Ben Templesmith drawing Fell before your very eyes w/ musical soundtrack spun by DJ Samsupa. And also featuring Ted Naifeh’s amazing olde tyme radio performance Courtney Crumrin Live w/ a dapper team of Avant-Garde voice actors plus live foley and music by string-informed neo-electric-skiffle band This Can’t End Well.

Also including a Comic Art Workshop & Laboratory with Eisner-Award nominated duo of Professor of Comics Matt Silady and Comics Lecturer Justin Hall, a comic art installation inside Public Works Gallery, and our crack team of Sequential Reporters reporting on shows and interviewing Noise Pop’s amazing selection of bands. Featured cartoonists include - Jamaica Dyer, Beth Dean, Ed Luce, Amy Martin, Roman MuradovSusie Cagle, Gianii Calvert, Aubrie L’rai Johnson, Karl Dotter, Sonia Harris, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Donna AlmendralaGreg Hinkle, and many more.

More information on these various events here

Ben Templesmith

@ Isotope - the comic book lounge on Saturday Feb 26th 2011

In celebration of the Isotope’s huge Noise Pop 2011 event wherein superstar comic artist Ben Templesmith will be drawing the insanely anticipated next issue of his and Warren Ellis’ Fell series live… we couldn’t resist throwing an Isotope party with him too!

And for the first time in any shop anywhere, copies of Templesmith’s elusive Squidgirls art book will be available.

Apologies for the crowds in advance!

Corked: The Wine Tasting

@ Isotope on Friday Jan 28th 2011

An event with our comic and winemaking friends behind Corked The, authorFrancis Sanders and artist David Griffin. Featuring the 2009 Tough Day Chardonnay, the Mira Luna Crusher Stremmer Red, and the amazing 2009 Tough Dame Cabernet.

Featuring a hand-picked selection of fresh tunes for your vino-sipping pleasure by SF’s grandcuvéemaster DJ Bearzbub on the wheels of steel. This event is held in conjunction with the San Francisco Film Noir Foundation’s Noir City Film Fest.

Buffy Cupcake Contest

@ Isotope on Wednesday Jan 19th 2011

In honor of final issue of Buffy Season Eight and Ms. Summer’s birthday. the Isotope and the nice ladies from GeekGirlCon hosted an epic Buffy-themed cupcaking battle royal! Featuring fistfuls of great prizes from Dark Horse Comics, “Once More, With Feeling” karaoke on the Isotope’s world’s highest stage, and tons of fun Buffy and cupcake lovin’ folks.

An Isotope Halloween

@ Isotope & The Rickshaw Stop on Sunday Oct 31st 2010

San Francisco loves Halloween and so do we!

This year the Isotope is teaming up with our pod and videocasting amigos at iFanboy to bring you an All-Hallow’s Eve bash you will never forget! Kicking off with a screening of the most anticipated show of the year, AMC’s The Walking Dead… and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we’re proud to be bringing you an East Coast feed at 8pm… the first showing anywhere on the West Coast!

From there it’s a one block walk down to our official Halloween bash to get our collective booty shaking on with SF’s sexed-up glitter glamrock gods Triple Cobra at the Rickshaw Stop with DJ Omar of Pop Science fame and the electronic tunes of The Laptop Hero and Phoenix from Wave Not Wave. Dress your best, once again we’re doing our annual $250 costume contest!


@ Isotope on Saturday Oct 16th 2010

Isotope’s annual celebration of the Alternative Press Expo with the return of DJ Bearzbub and also Top Shelf Productions publisher Brett Warnock’s for the Top Shelf Happy Hour. This was our favorite one yet!

Of course the highlight of the weekend can be none other than APE AFTERMATH’s 8th annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony which featured this year’s winner Pete Hodapp for his mini The Possum And The Pepper Spray.

Jamaica Dyer & Passport

@ Isotope on Sunday Oct 10th 2010

Isotope teams up with the San Francisco Arts Commission in celebration of Passport 2010… featuring a gallery show and unique rubber-stamping event at the Isotope with the brilliant Jamaica Dyer of Weird Fishes fame!

Jason Aaron @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Sep 11th 2010

We’ve been wanting to throw this event for years

In celebration of the new launch of Wolverine #1, the crime noir magnum opus Scalped, and the Jason Aaron Ghost Rider Omnibus, we proudly present to you one of the industry’s finest authors straight from Kansas City. We’re doing this one up in true high Isotope style!

B.A.D. Girls & Isotope: Zombie Bar Crawl

@ Whiskey Thieves on Saturday Jun 12th 2010

Why deny your cravings?

Rise from your grave and quench all your lustfully lurid thirsts with fellow creatures of the night on the Bay Area Derby Girls first annual Zombie Bar Crawl! Taste the terror of the living as hundreds of delightfully decaying Derby Girls swarm through San Francisco’s darkest, dirtiest watering holes in this sure to be legendary procession of putrescence. So bring your hunger and hip flask of holy water and raise a glass with the hottest and hungriest hemoglobin-sucking corpses on wheels!

When long-dead Derby Girl beauties team up with radiation victims of the Isotope to drink the town dry… CAN THE CITY SURVIVE?!

Isotope 9th Birthday Brunchen

@ Circa on Sunday May 30th 2010

With true love for what you do in your heart, anything is possible. Celebrating nine years of our very unique brand of comic book retailing with a lazy Sunday bottomless mimosa brunchen.

Free Comic Book Day 2010

@ Isotope on Saturday May 1st 2010

Featuring Basie, the 9 year old comic creating genius behind The Masked Mutant, thousands of free comics, and hot grooves by DJ Bearzbub.

Dash Shaw @ The Isotope

@ Isotope on Tuesday Apr 27th 2010

A downright gorgeous event with creator Dash Shaw. Including the Bodyworld cocktail and a mind-blowing audio-visual presentation.

Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

@ Isotope on Saturday Apr 3rd 2010

The Isotope’s legendary WonderCon after-con bash of 2010… in honor of Jonah Hex w/ Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Darwyn Cooke. Outfits by Dark Garden and Costumes on Haight, Tunes by DJ Bearzbub. One of the staff’s most favorite weekends ever!

Dave Johnson Pirate Tiki Tour

@ The City on Friday Apr 2nd 2010

Perhaps the greatest tiki tour of all time! Over 150 pirates went a-crawlin’ through SF’s best (and worst) watering holes of the tiki variety with the Reverend Dave Johnson. Co-sponsored by iFanboy and the Northern California Pirate Fest.

Squidling Bros. & Betty Bloomerz Circus Sideshow

@ Cafe Van Kleef on Thursday Feb 25th 2010

A sword swallowing, machete walking, glass showering, human cutting board, fire breathing circus sideshow extravaganza with the lovely Betty Bloomerz and the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow.

APE Aftermath 2009

@ Isotope on Saturday Oct 17th 2009

It’s our biggest, our best, our favorite event of the year… the Isotope’s annual APE Aftermath. Featuring the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony and our 2009 winner Will Dinski.

Dean Haspiel Does The Isotope

@ Isotope on Friday Oct 16th 2009

We attract some serious attention in this molten cauldron when we ACT-I-VATE it up with the awesome Dean Haspiel.

Bay Area Derby Girls @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Friday Sep 25th 2009

It’s a night of comics and carnage as all our fav Bay Area Derby Girls invade the Isotope for a night of loud rock and stiff cocktails. Awesome.

John Layman @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Sep 12th 2009

John Layman and the Isotope celebrate our favorite cannibal comic ever, Chew. Yum yum!

Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night Launch

@ Isotope on Saturday Jul 18th 2009

Kicking off DC Comics’ biggest event of 2009 in the highest of high style… with a Blackest Night bash with author Geoff Johns!

A Star Trek Mother’s Day

@ Balboa Theatre on Sunday May 10th 2009

Taking over the Balboa Theatre for a Mother’s Day event as only the Isotope can. A Star Trek (2009) screening and free Vulcan ears for all moms!

Free Comic Book Day 2009 w/ Basie

@ Isotope on Saturday May 2nd 2009

Another huge FCBD bash Isotope style! Featuring the 8 year old comic sensation Basie and hot tunes by DJ Bearzbub.

Sword Swallowing w/ Betty Bloomerz

@ Amnesia on Friday Mar 27th 2009

The wonderous Betty Bloomerz & the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow take the west coast by storm with machete walking, fire breathing and world-record sword swallowing!

Brian Azzarello & Dave Johnson

@ Isotope on Saturday Feb 28th 2009

In celebration of the final issue of 100 Bullets with Brian Azzarello, Dave Johnson and the ultra-limited available only at the Isotope 100 Bullets pint glass.

Tiki Tour w/ Darick Robertson

@ The City on Friday Feb 27th 2009

Isotope and iFanboy present our 2009 tiki tour with The Boys and Transmetropolitan artist Darick Robertson.

Jeff Parker & Tom Fowler

@ Isotope on Friday Jan 23rd 2009

Agents of Atlas author Jeff Parker and Mad Magazine artist Tom Fowler join forces for an unfathomable event!

APE Aftermath 2008

@ on Saturday Nov 1st 2008

A star-studded APE event with Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole), Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers of the Midwest), Brett Warnock, Dame Darcy (Meat Cake)… and a huge Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics win by Jonas Madden-Conner (Ochre Ellipse)!

Halloween 2008: Monster Mosh II

@ Fat City on Friday Oct 31st 2008

The Isotope’s annual Halloween bash with SF’s glitter glamrock gods Triple Cobra, the Bay Area Derby Girls… and the sexiest, most be-costumed nerds and nerdettes in the city!

Dead Channels Film Festival

@ Roxie Theater on Thursday Oct 2nd 2008

Teaming up with San Francisco’s Best of the Bay winning annual film fest, Dead Channels, for a week long film festival dedicated to psychotronica, zombiephillia, splatterphobia, and psychedelia.

Chris Onstad @ the Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Sep 13th 2008

Achewood’s Chris Onstad launches The Great Outdoor Fight… only at the Isotope!

Mark Millar & Tony Harris

@ Isotope on Saturday Aug 23rd 2008

Kicking off Mark Millar and the amazing Tony Harris’ long-running War Heroes series.

Basie @ the Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Jul 19th 2008

7 year old comic creating sensation Basie launches the fourth issue of his Masked Mutant series in high Isotope style.

Memorial Day 80’s Flashback

@ Isotope on Monday May 26th 2008

Turning the clock back with outrageous outfits, 75 cent comics, and all the 80s tunes we could cram into 24 hours for Memorial Day.

Matt Silady Eisner Nomination Bash

@ Isotope on Wednesday Apr 16th 2008

Our big celebration for Isotope’s own Matt Silady and his Eisner Award nomination. Check out his book The Homeless Channel, we’re so proud of Matt!

Tim Sale & Whitney Matheson

@ Isotope on Saturday Mar 22nd 2008

Our beloved Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame along with amazing artist Tim Sale host a special Isotope meet-up featuring a rare glimpse at Tim’s Heroes original artwork.

Darwyn Cooke New Frontier Afterparty

@ Isotope on Saturday Feb 23rd 2008

Straight from the red carpet world premiere of Justice League: The New Frontier movie to the Isotope’s official afterparty with J. Bone, Dave Bullock & Darwyn Cooke! Featuring DJ Bearzbub.

Ben Templesmith & Antony Johnston

@ Isotope on Friday Feb 22nd 2008

Celebrating the launch of Dead Space w/ our special guests Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith.

Marv Wolfman: Animania-A-Go-Go

@ Isotope on Wednesday Feb 13th 2008

A great event with comic legend Marv Wolfman plus Happy Tree Friends writer Ken Pontac and Robotech’s Tommy Yune.

Las Vegas Tiki Tour

@ That Other City on Friday Nov 9th 2007

One weekend. Every single tiki bar in Las Vegas. This one almost killed me.

Halloween 2007: Monster Mosh

@ 12 Galaxies on Wednesday Oct 31st 2007

The Isotope and The Onion present Monster Mosh with Hel On Ice and our favorite glamrock band on the west coast Triple Cobra. This was the year the S.H.I.E.L.D. costumes came out!

Super Trash Film Fest

@ Isotope on Friday Oct 5th 2007

Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters author/curator Jaques Boyreau’s film festival of vintage pulp, sexploitation, and b-movies at the Isotope.

Batman Bash w/ J.H. Williams III

@ Isotope on Saturday Sep 29th 2007

The opening reception for our month-long gallery show of fantastic Batman art by the incredible JH Williams III.

Mike Carey @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Saturday Jul 21st 2007

An amazing evening with the author of X-Men, Lucifer, Unwritten, and Hellblazer… British superstar Mike Carey!

Y The Last Beer?

@ Isotope on Sunday Jun 24th 2007

In honor of Y The Last Man, the Brian K Vaughan Caballeros official San Francisco meet-up.

Matt Silady @ Isotope

@ Isotope on Friday Jun 1st 2007

The kick off for Matt Silady’s original graphic novel The Homeless Channel. A truly awesome time!

Ed Brubaker Criminal Launch

@ Isotope on Saturday May 19th 2007

Launching Ed Brubaker’s creator owned Criminal series with a great big Isotope bash.

APE Aftermath 2007

@ on Saturday Apr 21st 2007

Our biggest. Our Best. Our Favorite. Featuring the fifth annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics with Danica Novgorodoff, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey… and the year’s winner Max Riffner.

Runaways Launch w/ Mindy Owens

@ on Wednesday Mar 21st 2007

Isotope proudly presented our very own Mindy Owens’ first comic work… on Runaways, her absolute favorite comic! What fan wouldn’t want to have their work published between Brian K. Vaughan and Joss Whedon?

J.M. DeMatteis @ the Isotope

@ on Saturday Mar 3rd 2007

Celebrating a lifetime of amazing comics with author J.M. DeMatteis.

Tiki Tour w/ Adam Beechen

@ on Friday Mar 2nd 2007

Touring the tiki bars of San Francisco with iFanboy and author Adam Beechen of Robin and Batman Beyond fame. We lost Adam somewhere on this tour… a mystery that has never been solved!

World Premiere: Jeffrey Brown Documentary

@ on Friday Feb 16th 2007

The world premiere of the Jeffrey Brown documentary, Drawing Between The Lines, with filmmaker Bruce Parsons on the Isotope’s guerrilla movie theatre screen.

Bill Willingham Fables Masquerade

@ on Saturday Jan 27th 2007

A favorite event among the Isotope staff! This event featured Fables author Bill Willingham, exclusive Fables wineglasses, the “Ultimate Fables Fan” contest… and a legendary visit to a Russian Mafia bar (ask Bill, he’ll tell you all about it)!

Uke Apocalypse @ the Isotope

@ on Saturday Jan 13th 2007

A massive ukulele concert at the Isotope featuring the Flying-V Uke and songs from Ziggy Stardust and Purple Rain.

SF Tiki Tour

@ on Saturday Dec 16th 2006

Our fifth annual tour of San Francisco Tiki Bars with special guest Dave Crosland. The photos link will take you to a full event write-up.

Halloween 2006: The Devil Made Me Do It!

@ on Tuesday Oct 31st 2006

The Isotope’s second Halloween bash. Our first had free limo rides to the Castro and the debut appearance of the Dr. Strange costume. Somewhere there are great photos from the ‘06 bash of James Sime as Loki with a lovely Nurse Jane Foster in chains.

MC Chris @ the Isotope

@ on Wednesday Oct 4th 2006

MC Chris performes live on the Isotope’s stage for his only all-ages show on his 2006 tour. Don’t miss the video from this one!

Gene Yang & Lark Pien

@ on Wednesday Sep 20th 2006

The one and only American Born Chinese launch party with Gene Yang and Lark Pien. Looks like we were right about calling this one “Book of the Year!”

Labor Day Lounge-A-Thon

@ on Monday Sep 4th 2006

A lazy Labor Day chill-out lounge-a-thon at the Isotope.

Darick Robertson @ Isotope

@ on Wednesday Aug 16th 2006

Darick Robertson launches The Boys at the Isotope. Watch the video to see Darick drawing Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Captain Britain, Animal Man, and The Tick getting a beatdown by The Boys for fans.

The Dave Johnson Cataclysmic In-Store

@ on Saturday Aug 5th 2006

Featuring 100 Bullets cover artist Dave Johnson and a special Isotope edition of the 2006 Dave Johnson Sketchbook.

Sparks Sunday

@ on Sunday Jul 23rd 2006

Sparks Sunday with the Owens twins, Mindy and Sara. Shortly after this event Sparks was banned in the United States and Mindy moved to Japan. Coincidence?

Continuity Art Show

@ on Thursday Jul 6th 2006

A retrogressive gallery show that reversed the traditional gallery show concept and ended with a closing liveart ceremony with Jason McNamara and Tony Talbert and special guest window model Shotgun Sheila. Read more about this unique show here, and be sure to check out the photos and video!

Isotope 5 Year Anniversary

@ on Thursday Jun 1st 2006

Celebrating Isotope’s 5th and Marilyn Monroe’s 80th birthday.

APE Aftermath 2006

@ on Saturday Apr 8th 2006

Our absolute favorite annual event each year in honor of the Alternative Press Expo. Featuring our beloved Danica Novgorodoff who we met the first time that year… when she won the 2006 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics!

Eric Powell Monster Mash-Up

@ on Saturday Feb 11th 2006

Honoring The Goon with Eric Powell, our favorite horror hostess Ms. Monster, and DJ SamSupa who laid down live mash-ups of ass-shaking beats and horror movie soundtracks. With one of the best event videos on YouTube ever!

Grant Morrison @ Isotope

@ on Friday Feb 10th 2006

One of the best events ever, a massive party with Grant Morrison in honor of, what else? Living Fabulously! And truly, that night we all did. We’re still hoping Grant actually writes that book!

JH Williams III Bacchanalia

@ on Friday Dec 2nd 2005

Celebrating Desolation Jones with one of the greatest artists of our time JH Williams III. This event featured a live web broadcast, an interview with questions from around the net, and an original painting of Ingrid Bergman drawn by Gustav Klimt for one lucky winner.

Rob Zombie Appreciation Day

@ on Wednesday Nov 9th 2005

Screenings of Zombie’s second film The Devil’s Rejects and many of his unbroadcast videos. This event made Jared so happy!

Pine*am @ Isotope

@ on Thursday Sep 1st 2005

Our absolute favorite band from Osaka, Japan live on the Isotope stage! This one literally brought tears to our eyes. Watch Pine*am “Do I Know You?” video here.

Jim Lee + Lee Bermejo + More

@ on Wednesday Jul 20th 2005

Celebrating the new Isotope digs, the launch of Jim Lee’s Superman run, and Lee Bermejo’s Lex Luthor Man of Steel with Jim, Lee, Matteo Casali, Michele Petrucci and Grazia Lobaccaro. Everyone sketched for hours… be sure to check out the photos and video for this event!

MillarWorld Re-Launch Drinky Time

@ on Saturday Jul 2nd 2005

The Isotope moves to Fell street and relaunches! Mark Millar relaunches MillarWorld! Yay, it’s drinky time!

Wonder-Kon-Tiki Tour 2005

@ on Saturday Apr 9th 2005

Our annual Wonder-Kon-Tiki event we’d been throwing each year in conjunction with WonderCon mutated formally for the first time into the Isotope’s annual traditional crawl of San Francisco tiki bars… the legendary Tiki Tour!

APE Aftermath 2005

@ on Saturday Apr 9th 2005

Our annual event in honor of the Alternative Press Expo. Our absolute favorite event each year… and in 2005 featuring Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics winner Daniel Merlin Goodbrey!

Rick Remender & Kieron Dwyer

@ on Wednesday Apr 6th 2005

Launching the best pirate/vampire comic ever Sea of Red!

Instant Brubaker

@ on Friday Mar 25th 2005

An “instant party” for Ed Brubaker which we put together in less than 48 hours with plenty of delicious Isotope quality taste. I still don’t know how that was even possible… but Instant Brubaker was one of the Isotope’s best!

Image Comics Bash

@ on Saturday Jan 22nd 2005

With Robert Kirkman, Rick Remender, Erik Larsen, Todd Nauck, B. Clay Moore, Paul Harmon, Mark Smith, Mark Englert, Dan Hipp, and more!

Intimates Prom w/ Joe Casey

@ on Wednesday Nov 3rd 2004

A prom themed bash in honor of The Intimates, an amazing series we wish there were 100 more issues of.

Brian K. Vaughan & Tony Harris Election Day Party

@ on Tuesday Nov 2nd 2004

Following up our Ex Machina Voter Registration Party we threw this legendary election day event with Brian K. Vaughan and also artist Tony Harris. Each attendee received an exclusive limited edition Ex Machina behind the scenes CD, which remains one of the coolest items the Isotope has ever produced. Also this was definitely one of our most memorable events ever!

Rob Osborne World Domination Day

@ on Wednesday Oct 27th 2004

In celebration of the Isotope Award winning 1000 Steps to World Domination.

Less Than Hero Low-Rent Celebrity Bash

@ on Saturday Oct 16th 2004

A low-rent celebrity bash in honor of Jason McNamara’s Less Than Hero. Featuring horror hostess Ms Monster, the Yo-Yo King, Omni Circus, Todd H, Boones Farm on the rocks, and more. With live music by The Poontang Wranglers.

Bad Mojo with Bill Harms

@ on Saturday Sep 4th 2004

A launch party for Bill Harms’ original graphic novel Bad Mojo.

Dave Johnson @ Isotope

@ on Saturday Jul 17th 2004

We love Dave Johnson! This was our first event with the great Reverend Johnson and it will always be one of our absolute favorite times. This event’s crown jewel was a special limited Isotope edition of the 2004 Dave Johnson sketchbook.

Ed Brubaker Air Hockey Challenge

@ on Saturday Jul 3rd 2004

It’s Ed Brubaker vs the world in the comic industry’s first Air Hockey Challenge! Hundreds fell before the skill and speed of Brubaker on the Isotope’s very own Olympic-sized regulation table.

Brian K. Vaughan Voter Registration

@ on Saturday Jun 19th 2004

Author Brian K. Vaughan and Isotope team up with Apple Computer and Rock The Vote for an Ex Machina launch party and voter registration drive. We got a very nice write up in Time Magazine for this event.

Steve Niles Zombiefest

@ on Saturday May 29th 2004

The Isotope’s most blood-drenched event! A bacchanalian celebration of Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer’s series Remains… with ghastly in-house zombification by makeup & special FX artist Jared Guenther.

Wonder-Kon-Tiki 2004

@ on Saturday May 1st 2004

Our great big tiki bash in conjunction with SF’s WonderCon with a midnight toast for the 10 year anniversary of Supernatural Law with Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada.

Larry Young & Brandon McKinney

@ on Friday Apr 23rd 2004

The Planet of the Capes launch for Larry Young & Brandon McKinney’s original graphic novel.

APE Aftermath 2004

@ on Saturday Feb 21st 2004

Our annual bash in celebration of the Alternative Press Expo. This 2004 edition was one of our favorite events ever and featured Josh Cotter winning the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics for Skyscrapers of the Midwest. And we rocked around the clock, going straight from this event, to breakfast, and back to the con! Just thinking about this event brings a smile to our faces!

Tom Beland @ the Isotope

@ on Wednesday Feb 18th 2004

The return of Tom Beland! He didn’t get nominated for anything this go around. We just like Tom.

Brian Wood Month @ Isotope

@ on Thursday Jan 1st 2004

A month-long event with special guest Brian Wood. Featuring eight after-hours events including: Incredibly Strange Wrestling, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, a Speakeasy Brewery visit, blacklight bowling, our Tiki Bar Tour, Brian’s birthday party, a Demo launch party, and shooting guns at Jackson Arms shooting range. We used this event to introduce new transplant Bri to the fabulous city of San Francisco… and we maybe over did it!

Ed Brubaker Armwrestle-A-Thon

@ on Friday Dec 19th 2003

For 13 and a half hours author Ed Brubaker took on all challengers in the most epic arm wrestling contest the comic industry has ever seen. This event saved the fabulous Sleeper from cancellation & catapulted Brubaker into super stardom!

Bombaby Bollywood Bash

@ on Saturday Nov 22nd 2003

The Isotope’s legendary celebration of all things Bollywood with author/artist Antony Mazzotta in honor of the fabulous Bombaby: The Screen Goddess. Featuring Goa trance from one of SF’s most esteemed on the wheels of steel, DJ Chai-Walla.

Joe Casey Codeflesh Launch

@ on Wednesday Nov 12th 2003

A celebration of one of our all-time favorite graphic novels by author Joe Casey and artist Charlie Adlard. Featuring the long out of print Isotope/Codeflesh shirt.

Presenting: Rich Mackin

@ on Sunday Aug 17th 2003

Rich Mackin writes strangely disturbing letters to all your favorite corporations and drives their consumer affairs divisions absolutely nuts. Then he publishes them. He is hilarious.

Tom Beland Eisner Nomination Bash

@ on Saturday Jul 12th 2003

Celebrating Tom Beland’s Eisner nomination for his fabulous romance comic, True Story Swear to God. The best part? We had Tom’s lovely wife Lily in too!

Ian Gibson @ Isotope

@ on Saturday Jun 28th 2003

The Isotope was honored to get to host one of our all-time favorite guests, Ian Gibson! For four days we all watched the oh-so generous Mister Gibson paint his famous Gibson Girls and all our favorite 2000ad characters for everyone. And chat up “pretty American birds.” We all have exceptionally fond memories of this event, lots of gorgeous original art, and hearts bursting full of love for Ian.

Matt Fraction + Kieron Dwyer

@ on Wednesday Jun 25th 2003

An “all damn day long” celebration of the original graphic novel Last of the Independents with Matt Fraction & Kieron Dwyer. A really fun, heart-warming event… and this was Mister Fraction’s first in-store ever!

Adam Beechen & Manny Bello

@ on Monday Jun 23rd 2003

Kicking off Adam Beechen and Manny Bello’s original graphic novel Hench in high style. Two great guests and a great event! Wasn’t The Rock supposed to be starring in this movie… whatever happened to that?

Might Makes Wright!

@ on Thursday Jun 12th 2003

Famous faux-Special Forces comic author Micah Wright makes his only Isotope appearance to celebrate his latest book of propaganda poster remixes “Back The Attack.”

Wonder-Kon-Tiki ‘03

@ on Saturday Apr 26th 2003

The Isotope is transformed into a fantastic celebrity-packed tropical island get-away in celebration of WonderCon! One of our personal favorites… but in retrospect, the “no-fruit-juice classic recipe Mai Tais” was probably not the best idea.

APE Aftermath ‘03

@ on Saturday Feb 1st 2003

The Isotope’s annual post-convention bash in honor of the Alternative Press Expo. 2003 featured our first ever Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics award ceremony.

Warren Ellis Scotch Tasting

@ on Saturday Nov 16th 2002

The legendary event featuring author Warren Ellis and $6,000 of the best Scotch whisky on the planet. Somewhere there are hundreds and hundreds of photos from this event…

Wonder-Kon-Tiki 2002

@ on Friday Apr 19th 2002

The Isotope’s first tiki party, thrown In conjunction with WonderCon.

APE Aftermath 2002

@ on Saturday Feb 9th 2002

The first of our annual post-APE events. When we said “we’re just getting started” we weren’t kidding!

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