Frank Quitely Original Art

At tonight’s Frank Quitely @ the Isotope event we have a very special (and exceedingly rare) treat for you all… Frank will be selling original comic art pages!

Let me tell you, there seriously is a whole lot of amazing things here, including that stunning New X-Men #138 cover featured here. Check out a few more of the pages we’ll be featuring tonight here. Frank’s prices are very reasonable, ranging from $175 up to $3500 for his super spectacular covers.

Unlike other galleries the Isotope does not take a cut of Frank’s money, so we definitely encourage you to bring cash if possible, and pay Frank directly. If you need to use the Isotope’s credit card machine we add a small 10% charge just to cover tax and a portion of the card processing costs. We will definitely be putting some hard-earned dollars in his pocket ourselves. I’ve got my eye on one of Xorn’s Special Class camping trip pages. I really loved that arc.

So… yay! Frank Quietly is selling original art at the Isotope tonight. Not at the con or any other comic shop!

This event is going to rock.

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    […] I spent Saturday night hand-selling Frank Quitely’s original art to attendees at Isotope’s smashing Saturday party. I was in the room from around 2100-0330, talking to people about the art, pointing out his insane […]

  2. richard

    hi. anyway i could still pick up artwork by frank quitely?


  3. James Sime


    We only sold his artwork the weekend he was at the shop and also when we had Frank in as one of our special guests at MorrisonCon. His art dealer can be found at:

    – James

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