Fresh Devo

It’s been two decades since DEVO, the houseband on the Titanic of human de-evolution, last served up a fresh deli tray of low-brow high-art snackable goodness. The boys have kept busy with side projects including three other bands, making videogames, soundtracking films for The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums and many, many more, making Dell Computers hip, giving corporate culture a wet willie… and generally just being awesome.

It’s no secret that my staff and I here at the Isotope love ourselves some Devo, so you probably aren’t surprised we’ve been streaming their upcoming album as soon as we were able to and rocking it on the shop’s hi-fi all day long.

And fear not, unfaithful! This shiny blue domed version is absolutely fantastic, with a bolder flavor and less filling taste than anything since ’82s Oh No, It’s Devo!. So duty now for the future! Go grab their just-released Fresh EP and give their entire up-coming Something For Everyone album a fresh taste test thanks to Stephen Colbert.

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