Gotta Love The Wuvable Oaf

I’m thrilled to get to tell you the lastest issue of my most favorite indie comic of all Wuvable Oaf has arrived at the Isotope more than a week before it’s grand release bash at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

And yes, that’s creator Ed Luce at the Isotope drafting table autographing up the first 40 copies for all of you!

I have to tell you… this is my favorite issue yet. You can really see Ed bringing his crazy characters and clever stories together in this one, it had me eagerly re-reading my collection of the whole series afterwards. This one is jam-packed with cool rock bands, snooty restauranteurs, awkward romance, petty rivalries, insane kitties, and lots of pro-wrestling hilariousness. If you’re not already a fan of “the Scott Pilgrim of Gay Comics” yet, you should definitely check Wuvable Oaf out. It’s a really, really awesome comic!

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