Grant Morrison @ Isotope

It is the news you’ve been waiting for… Grant Morrison returns to the Isotope!

In celebration of Grant’s upcoming SUPERGODS: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human non-fiction hardcover from Spiegel & Grau, the man himself and we here at the Isotope will rocking San Francisco’s collective worlds with an event of truly mythological proportions!

SUPERGODS explores the history of fictionalized super-powered beings from their inception at the dawn of the 20th century to today, examining the quite profound affect these icons have had on worldwide cultural movements, the political climates that drove their emergence and evolution, what these spiritual touchstones mean for the modern age, and where (with their help) humanity goes from here. From the four ages of superheroic zeitgest and beyond, Grant anatomizes superhero history all the while synthesizing a memoir of his own personal journey, one of a writer’s dedication to this epic, near-century-long narrative and of a dimensional pioneer who found a way to penetrate the superworld… and to come back with its stories.

So come, join us in welcoming Grant Morrison back to San Francisco in the highest of high style! We are truly honored to get to host him here at the Isotope once again.

As always, we want as many of you to get to know Grant as well as we do, so we’re hosting a daytime signing event for the under 21 crowd, and also an epic celebration that night for the folks who like our bring-your-ID after dark events. And yes, for that over 21 crowd, we will be rocking your worlds with another completely new ultra-limited edition commemorative glass (check out the Grant Morrison Pint Glass we made with the help of Cameron Stewart from our event in 2006)… take a peek and revel in the glory of the Grant Morrison SUPERGODS Commemorative Lowball with best-of-both-worlds artwork by the brilliant Sonia Harris and the amazing Cameron Stewart (Cameron Stewart artwork courtesy of Mister Stewart and the fine folks at Arthur Magazine). As per Grant’s publisher’s request, these events are for folks who purchase a copy of SUPERGODS, which posed a unique challenge for us to accommodate both our styles of events… and also the crowds that will no doubt be wanting to join us! With that in mind, we’re thrilled with the solution we’ve devised, simply bundling a copy of SUPERGODS with every pass and keeping that price at exactly the cost of the awesome items you get to take home with you. Nice!

(UPDATE: This event is now sold out)
2pm – 5pm, Saturday August 6th
A daytime all-ages autographing session with Grant Morrison that is open to all! To attend this event, please select the Daytime Signing option. Your ticket will include a copy of the SUPERGODS hardcover ($28 cover price). As per his publisher’s request, you may also have Mr. Morrison sign up to 2 additional items.

(UPDATE: This event is now sold out)
8pm – 12am, Saturday August 6th
Celebrating the release of Mr. Morrison’s latest and his return to SF with a 21+ event as only the Isotope can do! To attend this event, please select the SUPERGODS CELEBRATION option. Your ticket will include a copy of the SUPERGODS hardcover ($28 cover price) and also an exclusive Grant Morrison SUPERGODS Commemorative Lowball cocktail glass (priceless!).

Don’t delay… we can only accommodate so many folks without completely killing Grant (and none of us want that), and these events are sure to fill up quickly!

UPDATE: Both of these events are now sold out, at maximum capacity, and no more passes will be issued. Congrats to everyone who got passes in time and can attend!

See you Saturday!

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  3. Ed Jenkins

    So what about all the hardcore Grant Morrison fans who already brought his book weeks ago… we have to purchase another copy in order to attend? This hardly seems fair.

  4. Molly DeMink

    Are you selling the glasses to those of us from far, far away!!! ???

    I’d love to buy a set! Thanks!

  5. James Sime

    @Molly – Thanks for asking. Our licensing agreement with Cameron Stewart and Arthur Magazine is only for a single print run of glasses for attendees of the event. And I don’t foresee having any left over after, sorry! If Cam, Grant and Arthur Magazine decide they want to do up a new print run at some point we would be more than happy to help them with that in any way we can.

  6. James Sime

    @Ed – That’s how we set up the event with Grant’s publisher, to include a free copy of SUPERGODS with each pass. Fortunately for hardcore Morrison fans like you and I, it is a *fantastic* book so I’m sure you’ll have a friend who would be thrilled to get it as a gift. And it looks like autographed copies of SUPERGODS are selling for a *lot* more than our measly ticket prices in the secondary market… so if you don’t have a friend who will want it you could probably turn yourself a nice little profit instead.

  7. Derek

    If anyone has an extra ticket please let me know! Wasn’t about to buy one on time but I’d love to go! Contact me on twitter!

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