Happy Birthday, Debbie Harry

My motto is “you gotta celebrate what you love” so all day long I’m cueing up the Isotope Hi-Fi with a heady birthday celebration mix of all things Blondie and Debbie Harry.

From some of the earliest demos, to classic hits, to solo jazz adventures, to the newest of the newness, to rare live shows straight from the 1975 CBGBs stage, we’re playing it all here at the Isotope today! Truly, there can be no better way to celebrate this punk/pop/rap/rock icon’s birthday than to join my staff and I in raising a glass in honor of the lady herself.

So go ahead, slip on your favorite sneaks, grab your Camp Funtime shirt or your zebra pillow dress, invite all your cool friends to join you, put some tasty tunes on, relax and kick back, and indulge your ears with some of Deb’s great music… try any one of these 112 songs!

You’ll be glad you did!

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