Happy Birthday Steve Ditko

Every year here at the Isotope on November 2nd we take time out to celebrate the scorpiotastic Steve Ditko’s birthday. Creator of such so many timeless comic characters like Spider-Man, The Question, Mister A, The Creeper, the jaw-droppingly awesome Shade The Changing Man, and also the coolest comic character ever… Doctor Strange.

In his work and in his life Ditko makes his beliefs well known and unabashedly challenges all of us to stretch our imaginations, explore new worlds, stay true to the personal codes which we live our lives, and never give in to darkness or despair. And we accept the challenge! Those lessons of Ditko’s are well learned and are in the very DNA of all that the Isotope does.

So, Happy Birthday Steve Ditko! Thank you for so many wonderful years of entertainment and inspiration.


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