Happy St. Patricks Day

Inspired by this thread on the Comic Geek Speak boards this year I decided that instead of braving the bartime insanities in search of horrible green colored beer… I’m getting in the spirit by ranking my Top Five Favorite Green Skinned Comic Characters in honor of St. Patrick’s Day instead. Because, really, who doesn’t love some green skinned comic characters?

#5. Beast Boy / Changeling
Like lots of folks my age it was The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez that first got me seriously reading DC Comics. From this green-skinned hero I discovered Doom Patrol. And the rest was history! I still have my badly worn copy of this Changeling solo book from back then.

#4. The Leader
The Leader with his gigantic gamma-irradiated head and his rather awesome facial hair will always have a special place in my heart. Despite being one of the most brilliantly intelligent criminal masterminds to ever walk the Earth… somehow he just can’t manage to not get thwarted every time by the dumb as a bag of bricks Hulk every time.

#3. Jade
This gorgeous green-skinned heroine is the daughter of original Green Lantern Alan Scott and is more often seen flying through space than here on terra firma. With all that cosmos traveling you’d almost never suspect she grew up in a Milwaukee suburb. A Midwestern space girl, really is it any surprise I dig her?

#2. The Hulk
When I was a kid The Hulk pretty much fought the Army every issue. Seriously. It was always “Army come to bother Hulk, why won’t they leave Hulk alone?” issue after issue after issue! But even so, I loved them back then and I still love me some Hulk comics.

#1. Doop
Doop isn’t only my all-time favorite green-skin in comics… he’s one of my favorite characters ever! Peter Milligan and Mike Allred were in rare form when they created this most memorable Marvel character in the pages of their downright brilliant X-Force series. And then they really blew everyone’s minds with the silent issue #123. Check it out… even the script is insanely fun to read! You go, Doop, thanks for making St. Patty’s day awesome this year.

Please do drink responsibly today folks!

  1. Sonia Harris

    No love for Swamp Thing?

  2. James Sime

    Good point, Sonia. The lack of Swamp Thing on this list is definitely WRONG.
    But who would he bump off? Not poor Beast Boy!

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