Isotope Digital Comics for November

It’s time once again for the dynamic duo of Isotope and Comixology to provide you with the best in digital comics releases directly to your iOS or Android device. As always, you can search through the near-endless virtual funnybook warehouse by clicking on the two big icons at the end of this post but isn’t it so much nicer to have someone who has already read ’em all to help you cherry pick the stuff you’ll like the best?

The month of November is the month of my birthday, so I’ve decided we’re celebrating digitally with a month of books by my amigo (and fellow Scorpio) Darwyn Cooke. I think you’ll really love him!

Parker: The Hunter
by Darwyn Cooke
First up is my absolute favorite book of 2009, this is the first of Darwyn’s adaptations of Richard Stark’s classic series of 60s crime noir novels. There are few things on the planet more truly noir than those original novels and Cooke’s gorgeous retro styled artwork makes it all come to life with cool and classy style. I can’t recommend this more highly. Bad dames, tough thugs, and plenty of slugs to the head await you!

For those of you who like a little Where’s Waldo? with your comics reading, this book is also one that myself and the Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock appear in! Here’s a hint how to find the scene where Dar drew us into this awesome book!

Parker: The Outfit
by Darwyn Cooke
The follow-up to the previous year’s Parker graphic novel sees Cooke really doing some innovative storytelling and pretty much proving once and for all that he is the best in the biz and at the top of his game. The only thing that I don’t like about PARKER: THE OUTFIT is that it’s actually better than PARKER: THE HUNTER… and that James Sime & Kirsten Baldock cameo was in the previous one instead!

by Ed Brubaker & Darwyn Cooke
Ed Brubaker, writes some of my favorite comics including SLEEPER, CRIMINAL, GOTHAM CENTRAL and CAPTAIN AMERICA teamed up with Dar on this absolutely awesome re-imagining of Catwoman. Here Ed writes and Darwyn draws, but you can definitely feel it’s a true collaboration between these two powerhouse creators. Brilliant art plus brilliant art equals brilliant comic books, people!

Superman Confidential
by Darwyn Cooke & Tim Sale
Another team-up of favorites! Here Darwyn leaves the india ink at home and takes over only the writing chores, which leaves the visuals to Dar’s friend and fellow artgod Tim Sale, of BATMAN LONG HALLOWEEN, SPIDER-MAN BLUE, and SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS fame. Awesome.

DC: The New Frontier
by Darwyn Cooke
This is (with the possible exception of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s ALL STAR SUPERMAN) the single best superhero comic of the last decade. Dar deserves every award he got for this series. And trust me, he got a lot of them! If you don’t already own this in *some* format… come on, what is wrong with you?!

Help me celebrate mine and Mister Cooke’s birthdays this year with some sexy, smart and stellar digital comics!

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