Isotope proudly presents the amazing Irene Koh, artist of the upcoming series of absolutely gorgeous graphic novels LEGEND OF KORRA: TURF WARS!

We here at the Isotope were already fans of the anime, and were doubly thrilled to hear that the new trio of graphic novels weave an epic coming out love story amid the backdrop of a world where corporate greed has fueled political chaos and societal oppression. Truly a tale for our times.

And who among us hasn’t been waiting for Korra and Asami’s first date?!

Irene’s love of these characters, and martial arts, really explodes from the pages and one only has to read these great interviews with Irene to know how special this dream project written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino is for her.

Let us invite you to a rare Sunday event at the Isotope, for an intimate afternoon with us and Irene. Come get your comics sketched / signed, soak up the adoration of all things LEGEND OF KORRA, be awed by Irene’s jaw-dropping artwork and be inspired by her truly wonderful breaking-into-comics story.

This is what it is all about, people.

Irene Koh @ Isotope
Sunday, July 30th 2017
Noon – 3pm
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