Making Your Holidays Simple

One of my favorite things in life is doing personal shopping, scouring the store shelves for treasures to put together the perfect selection of graphic novels for each person’s taste, and during the holidays I’m blessed to get to do it so much.

My goal when helping folks gift shop is always two-fold. First, I want to blow your friend or loved one’s mind with amazingness, hat’s probably fairly typical just about any small business you might shop at. But more important than that, I want your friend or loved one to open that present, look at you, and think one word, “Genius!” Because that is my real goal when helping people shop for gifts at the Isotope… I want to make you look like the most brilliantly genius friend or loved one they have ever met.

Just stop in and I’ll cheerfully do that exact thing for you, or for all those varied people on your holiday shopping list.

For those folks out there who can’t come into the Isotope, we’re happy to make personalized Gift Certificates for your friends and loved ones too. Just give us a call (415) 621 – 6543 and we can effortlessly make you one for any amount you’d like over the phone and email you one to put in their holiday stocking this year. And if you ask, I’ll even make you a special personal card too.

Shouldn’t everything around the holidays be as simple?

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