Making Your Vinyl Dreams Come True

Chances are you’ve already heard about our amazing creative collaboration with the folks from Noise Pop music fest, including comic creating superstars Ted Naifeh, Ben Templesmith, and the Bay Area’s best indie cartoonists…

But what if you want to get involved too?

Here is your chance to join in on the excitement and follow in the footsteps of comics greatest talents by creating your very own original record album cover for the Isotope & Noise Pop’s Vinyl Dreams art gallery. Go crazy with your original idea or redesign a classic LP. Anything you want, we just want to see what you + your art + a blank record sleeve will produce and to help share your work with the world!

Stop by the Isotope anytime before February 25th and pick up yours. Absolutely free of charge, we got you covered!

(The vinyl dream shown here is by the amazing Mike Allred from his graphic novel Red Rocket 7)

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