Not To Be Missed: Scarlet #1

Due to shipping changes because of the recent holiday new comics arrive on store shelves this week on Thursday, July 8th. And with them is Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev‘s new creator owned series Scarlet.

A bi-monthly series (that is sure to be downright gorgeous thanks to Maleev) focuses on corrupt governments, a generation on the edge, a woman named Scarlet, and revolution in the streets. According to Bendis, the book is in part inspired by author Paddy Chayefsky‘s excellent 1976 film Network.

Bendis’s first creator-owned project since Powers, this sounds like it has the potential to be one of his best works. And although I ordered a truckload of them it’s pretty certain that it’s going to sell out everywhere. If you dropped the ball and didn’t place a pre-order with us chances are Scarlet’s going to end up being a bit difficult to get your hands on… so you might want to email hidden; JavaScript is required to reserve one right away!

See more Scarlet here.

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