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Isotope Award 2011

2011's Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics winner is Katie Longua! More details here.

Isotope Comics University

The Isotope proudly presents an on-going series of comic classes taught by Ed Luce, the award-winning creator of the fantastic Wuvable Oaf series. Our first round of classes are designed to help take your existing book to the next level, focusing on the ins-and-outs of guerrilla publishing and DIY printworking, practical conventioneering, inventive marketing/branding, effective merchandising, and so much more on a shoe-string budget.

New Semester Registration This April


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Isotope + Music Video = Magical

Check out this magical music video from the central Connecticut based indy hip hop star ILLUS, featuring the Isotope and lots of beautiful SF locations.

Known for his uplifting, thought-provoking, “boom-bap HIPHOP for the people” and has been recording music and illustrating comics since 1991. We love his positive groove and DIY ethic. And is makes us happy knowing that can-do attitude has resulted in over 250,000 records sold with no label or traditional airplay. This song, “Magical,” is off his latest album FAMILY FIRST. Grab it on the iTunes store here.

Happy Holiday from Isotope to You
It Is A Wuvable Pride Weekend

In honor of Pride Weekend we’re celebrating with local cartoonist & SF indy comics icon Ed Luce.

We’ve got a worldwide exclusive version of his comic with shiny “foil ink” covers that Ed has been calling the WUVABLE OAF #1: PINK FOR PRIDE CHROMIUM EDITION, and we’re also carrying two of his limited edition HENRY & GLENN prints, including a classic and also a brand spankin’ new print. Check them out:



Check out more at www.wuvableoaf.com. These items are all limited availability, so grab ‘em while they’re hot. And have a great Pride Weekend!

Paul Pope Sneak Peek!

We’ve all been patiently awaiting Paul Pope’s long-rumored epic adventure BATTLING BOY like over-anxious kids on Christmas Eve… and 2013 is the year!

Monsters from another multiverse are terrorizing the dystopian sprawl of Arcopolis, an alternate Earth city full of dystopian sprawls, talking animals, and retro-futuristic ray guns. And with the planet’s greatest bastion of heroic derring-doo no longer among the living, it’s up to the 12 year old son of a demigod to save the day.

BATTLING BOY is the first of two volumes in Paul’s giant 400-page opus (to be adapted to the big screen by Brad Pitt’s production company with Michael Chabon), this is Paul’s first major work since his 2006 Eisner Award winning BATMAN: YEAR 100, and continues his gorgeously unique European comics infused with Jack Kirby and Manga artstyle seen in 100% and HEAVY LIQUID.

The first volume arrives early this October but you lucky folks can check it out right now, thanks to an advanced preview copy gifted to us by publisher First Second Books this week.

Stop on in and we’ll show you this gorgeous new book!

Happy Weddings For All Day!

Today is a historic day for love.


Isotope & Comixology’s First Event Together!

Most of you know the Isotope goes way, way back with our friends David Steinberger and John Roberts from Comixology (even back to when they were known as iComicsOnSale). Like all the best friendships, we’ve had many great times just hanging out together and we’ve also taken that mutual admiration for each other to do cool stuff together. We conceived, constructed, and tirelessly beta-tested a Comics Subscription System for Retailers and Readers that has enabled comic stores all over the planet to take amazing care of their customers and grow their businesses. And, along with the industry’s most forward thinking shops, we’ve pioneered together the fusion of analog and digital comics markets. The best of all possible worlds!

But for some strange reason, we’ve never thrown a party together. The time for that to change is now.

with Comixology & the Isotope
Tuesday, June 11th, 8pm
@ The High Dive Lounge
Embarcadero @ Pier 28 1/2

In honor of the 2013 WWDC that brought our friends to town this month and the upcoming 7th anniversary of the Isotope/Comixology friendship, let me invite you to our first official event together! We’ll be posted up Bay Side at one of SF’s most beloved old school treasures, the city’s best dive featuring the city’s best view, The Hi Dive Lounge for a nice evening of cocktails and great comic talk. Join us, won’t you?

Surprise Visit From Lauren Beukes!

Fans of great speculative fiction will know Lauren Beukes. Her hardboiled urban fantasy novel ZOO CITY about crime, chaotic magic, and Acquired Aposymbiotic Familiarism (aka “the Zoo Plague”) won her handfuls of acclaim, including the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award. Her Rapunzel-centric run on Vertigo’s FAIREST took us on a surreal trip into a Tokyo underworld filled with the ghosts and monsters of Japan. And her just-released time-hopping murder thriller THE SHINING GIRLS was just announced today to have been picked up for a development deal by Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s always a true thrill to have our favorite authors and artists pop in for a surprise visit. And Lauren is one of our most beloved, so it was extra exciting to have her surprise us and autograph a bunch of FAIREST issues this afternoon. That’s right every issue here at Isotope is autographed for your comic loving pleasure! And even better, you too can get a chance to get to know this unbelievably charming/fashionable/brilliant science fiction author while she’s in from South Africa, she’ll be making a schedule in-store with our amigos at Borderlands tomorrow.

Lauren Beukes @ Borderlands Books
Friday, June 7th, 7:00pm
866 Valencia St


Great to see you, Lauren!

Cool Gifts from Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen (Isotope amigo, Image Comics Founder, and the creative juggernaut behind one of the longest running creator-owned comics of all time) stopped in today with a couple fistful of autographed copies of SAVAGE DRAGON #188 for us to gift out to all you fine people. Stop on in and get a free signed copy (while supplies last of course)… only at the Isotope!

Thanks Erik!

Rocking Your Digital Socks Off

Isotope amigo Aaron G tells me that recently has “been losing faith in good comics”… oh no!

Thankfully, there are so many amazing comics out there to read right now, we can cure those sequential art blues with ease and get anyone reading the good stuff. These reads are truly are so darn great they’ll renew your faith in just about everything! Here’s a hand-picked selection of amazing funnybooks for Aaron (and you, too) to Rock Your Digital Socks Off. You can pick these up directly from the Isotope at our Powered By Comixology Digital Store too. You’ll be glad you did!


by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta
Probably the books Iā€™m most excited to read more of right now, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse return to a dystopian America in this sci-fi western. (also pictured at left)


by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez
A fantastic horror comic written by Stephen King’s son about an ancient Victorian mansion filled with magical keys that open long locked doors of impossible power.


by Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith
Magic, horror, noir and endless urban decay. Every chapter is like a shotglass of rocketfuel. Definitely one of Ellis’ best.


by Jason Aaron & Essad Ribic
Hands down this is the single best comic being published by Marvel or DC right now. Beyond epic.


by Peter Milligan & Edvin Biukovic
Milligan is my all-time favorite comic author. Read this and find out why.

I have faith that that selection will truly blow your collective comic reading minds. Hey, enjoy those suggestions, Aaron!

As always, you can discover more great releases at the Isotope’s sexy digital store:

The JH Williams III Suit Has Arrived!

I’ve been going out of my mind waiting to get to announce this since late last year… ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the magic where comics and fashion meet… the JH Williams III suit!

Of course you all know JH Williams III’s work from PROMETHEA, BATWOMAN, DESOLATION JONES, and the upcoming SANDMAN VOLUME ZERO. His resume reads like a who’s who of the best the industry, and he’s only artist in the history of comics to have worked with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Howard Chaykin, Greg Rucka, Seth Fisher, James Robinson, Mark Waid and Alejandro Jodorowsky!

It’s no secret that my love for awesome suits and for great comic art truly know no bounds. Two things the world should have more of! As an avid nerdy fashion advocate it’s brought a big smile to my heart over the years to know just how many comic professionals have been inspired to buy their first-ever suit because of me and to get to do my small part to help elevate the fashion consciousness of the industry (keep it lookin’ sharp Ben, Antony & Jim… I’m still working on this guy). Of course I’m always on the hunt for something truly unique to add to my wardrobe and, although I had no idea how it might be possible, I’ve been been hoping to find a way to bring those passions for comic art and sharp suits together for years.

And now, the creators, Artful Gentleman and JH Williams III are announcing this amazing work of fashion and art and they’re telling the world about it! Seriously, could this be more exciting?

Artful Gentleman: On The JH Williams III Suit

Me, I’m just a lucky guy who happened to put two amazing individuals together and am reaping the high-fashion benefits. Lucky me! Here’s a nice photo of my vest from last month’s Akira The Don event. But believe me, that is not just a vest… check out the custom JH Williams III suit lining as well.

My particular bespoke suit was created with all my fashion fetishes in mind so it’s an extra-long beauty, in a deep royal purple that shimmers in the sunlight, there’s an over-abundance of buttons and subtle but exciting stitching as per my specifications, and also sports at least one secret pocket you’ll have to frisk me to discover. Working with AG to design this beauty was a total blast I’m sure you’ll agree that’s simply jaw-dropping stuff they have created together with JH Williams III. Of course Mister Williams is the true star of the show, so his custom suit of his own is ultra-sharp jet-black with a blood-red stitch (you’ll have to ask him if he has any secret suit features).

So yes, lucky me. And now lucky you too! Because you can now get your very own custom made JH Williams III suit from Artful Gentleman.

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign to get in on the ground floor of this fashion revolution and sign yourself up for one of these custom beauties. Or to see what other bespoke wonders AG has to offer. You’d better believe I’ll be right there with you supporting this awesome indy San Francisco business and getting my next custom suit too!

Hmm… now what shall we have Artful Gentleman make for us?!


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