Passport 2018 with Katie Longua

The San Francisco Arts Commission and the wonderfully talented cartoonist Katie Longua are teaming up with the Isotope for PASSPORT 2018, a multi-venue art crawl and unique do-it-yourself art collecting experience.

This 10th annual public art event takes participants on a neighborhood art crawl, this year through Hayes Valley the city’s sexiest neighborhood, and into SF’s most stylish venues to collect artist-designed “passport stamps” in a once-in-a-lifetime PASSPORT booklet. What could be more fun than spending a day getting to meet so many of the SF Bay Area’s greatest artists and collect up your own original art work in a limited-edition Moleskine book? We participated in this event with artist Jamaica Dyer way back in 2010 and had a total blast so we couldn’t be more excited to get to be involved in the grand finale of this annual San Francisco tradition!

And we will be representing for Cartoonists + Ninth Art + Sequential Art in high style with San Francisco’s next breakout superstar author / artist Katie Longua, of HER SPACE OPERA, MUNCHIES, GWAR: ENORMOGANTIC FAIL, THE LIVES OF SEAMONKEYS, SPACE TRASH, KATIE LONGUA’S LINES, and what will surely be the biggest all-ages book of 2019… Lion Forge Comics’ DEBIAN PERL: DIGITAL DETECTIVE!

This event also kicks off a gallery show featuring a gallery of Katie’s art adorning the Isotope walls into January. Which will truly be the pinkest / purplest / aquaest the Isotope has ever been! Not to be missed!

Featuring Katie Longua @ Isotope
Sunday 10/21/18
Noon – 4pm

Get your PASSPORT Book here
More info about PASSPORT 2018 here

We couldn’t be more excited to have Katie back for another event and to get to watch her blow everyone’s minds with awesomeness during the city’s coolest art crawl! And what better way to celebrate her beautiful work than with our friends from the SF Arts Commission and all of you?! Come get a stamp!

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