Phoenix Forever Rising

The hardest part about running a (more wildly busy than we could have ever hoped for) small business with a teeny-tiny crew is all of the things you just can’t get around to like you used to be able to in the early years. The reason the Isotope exists is to put Good Comics in people’s hands, from popular titles like SAGA and AVENGERS, rarely seen delights like GIRL IN DIOR and VIOLETTE AROUND THE WORLD, upcoming books from unique creators like HEATHEN and PASHMINA, vintage and slightly obscure masterpieces like ARKWRIGHT INTEGRAL and ENIGMA, and truly obscure treasures like MUNCHIES and SMOKE & GUNS. More than anything we want to bring each person who comes through the front door a unique one-on-one experience and, no matter how knowledgable they are are or not, help them discover their next favorite graphic novel or series.

Each year the shop’s reputation grows and people from all walks of life from all over the planet visit the Isotope for just that. Truly a dream come true!

But with the shop always buzzing it makes keeping up with things like backroom alphabetizing, social media feeds, overstuffed in-boxes, and annoying things stuff like website server glitches a harder and harder proposition. Recently the shop’s site went down for 6 days when our webhost got hacked. “Well, since everyone is glued to their Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, and all the important stuff can be found there or on Google Small Business and Yelp, sadly no one really uses the Isotope site very much these days.” Imagine our surprise to find out quite the opposite! We got so many nice emails and phone calls about the site being down in those 6 days I was truly flabbergasted. Wow, okay. Thank you for letting us know!

On a personal note, if there’s one thing I really miss about the early years of shop, it’s having the time to feature cool upcoming books we’re excited about and celebrating San Francisco and writing on the store’s blog. We’ve got a bunch of cool events, and another round of Isotope University classes, we’ve been cooking up for you all coming up this summer. And have a few upcoming series we want to share with folks. Definitely looking forward to all of that. So… since the people are still out there wondering what’s going on here and what we’re into… let’s see if we can squeeze in some more of that writing on the store’s (still gorgeous) website. That’ll be a nice way to celebrate the store’s birthday.

Like Jean Grey rising from the Jamaica Bay – Phoenix Forever Rising.


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