Read This Alan Moore Interview

Alan Moore is an interesting fellow.

Creator of some truly great works like Promethea, From Hell, Watchmen, Ballad of Halo Jones, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mister Moore is without a doubt one of the most influential authors in the last 30 years of American comics. And he’s also one of the most outspoken.

The Watchmen prequels are really a hot button topic this year. And not everybody seems to appreciate Moore’s frankness, which is kind of sad, really. Corporate American comic companies have a long legacy of exploiting and then simply tossing aside our creatives when they’ve outlived their usefulness. Moore’s two decade long campaign of speaking out about how he has been treated by the DCs and Marvels of the indurtsy has definitely opened up the eyes of the generation behind him who are now much more careful when signing contracts than folks were… and, to be honest, that has probably done which more for creator rights in American comics than anything else the last 20 years.

Aside from all that, pretty much my entire feelings about the worthwhile-ness of Watchmen prequels are summed up in this Twitter conversation with a certain comic creator whose claim to fame in 2012 is doing some Watchmen comics himself, here and here (love that #ditkoüberalles hashtag).

While it’s fun to see stuff like Moore visiting the Occupy Wall Street movement, or seeing video of his band playing live, it’s even nicer to see that someone has gotten past the hit-generating headlines and cheap sound bites to conduct a very interesting, thoughtful, and reasoned interview with Moore about his career. I think you should all go read it.

Alan Moore Interview @

Good stuff.

  1. Ari Braginsky

    There was a nice two part interview with Alan Moore on the BBC recently:

    I could listen to him talk for hours 🙂 A DVD of his that came out a while ago is definitely worth finding as well.


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