The Remender Report!

(Pictured: DJ Bearzbub + Rick Remender)

Thanks to everyone who came out for our awesome Rick Remender LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME event over the weekend! This was absolutely one of our most fun events of the year. Rick has long been one of our favorite people in all of comics and even after all these years and crazy success, he’s still the same sweet, hilarious, straight up guy he was way way way back at our first in-store event in 2001 (when he was an inker on AVENGERS comics).

For this event people came from all over greater the Bay Area, and also we saw a few different folks from LA and San Diego. There was even some Remender fans from Paris(!) that had successfully coordinated their visit to SF at just the right time. We also had a few just-moved-to-San Francisco people who we got to welcome to the city in high style. My favorite was the woman who kept saying “You guys have made me SO HAPPY I moved to San Francisco! SO HAPPY!” (laugh)

Rick’s daytime signing was just the size we love, with a line out the door almost the entire time, and lots of happy people grabbing their LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME pre-release copies and TOKYO GHOST Isotope Exclusive Ashcan Edition mini-comics. I couldn’t be happier to see what a positive experience all our guests had getting to talk with Rick and have their comics signed. Generous as always, Rick was happy to sign anything people put in front of him, and was even doing sketches for folks! Check this one out… and this one too!

Rick’s afterparty was, as expected, a rager with a packed house, and rightfully so! As it fell on the first of the Burning Man weekends we knew a bunch of folks would be out of town so we took a little gamble and decided not to limit the number of attendees (thankfully that didn’t bite us in the ass). Even with so many folks out of town, the party was solid with Isotope regulars and also a lot of new attendees, who were quick to dial in on the vibe of our friendly social scene, and proved to be some very fun folks to hang out with. I hope to see them again!

DJ Bearzbub spun a set that was tailored to make Rick Remender smile. It was heavy on classic generation-X hardcore tunes by Bad Brains, Minor Threat, NOFX, The Vandals, Dead Kennedys, Toy Dolls, and because we’re talking about DJ Bearzbub here, all sorts of great stuff I’d never heard before. As always, Bearzbub is truly awesome at what he does.

Kirsten was very inspired by Remender’s science fiction comics and designed her most experimental and unexpected beverage list yet. The BLACK SCIENCE was a favorite (St. George Basil Eau De Vie + Benedictine + Black Coffee + Lemon + I don’t know what else) which hit the tastebuds with layer after layer of delightful complexities. Our mixology aficionado friends were particularly impressed.

The massive stacks of LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME didn’t last the weekend and we sold a ton of Rick’s other books as well. We’d stocked up big for this event and as expected by the end of the night our huge table of Remender books was looking pretty meager. LOW, DEADLY CLASS and FEAR AGENT were also the big hits of the day. We still have some stacks of BLACK SCIENCE (which is probably Rick’s most popular book at the Isotope) but not much different than what we’d do for our weekly restock. All-in-all we could not be happier. THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying so many awesome Remender comics from us, everybody. It’s you folks that enable us to fly folks like Rick into town to hang out. And that’s fun, so THANKS!

The only complaint is I totally blew it by not scheduling our beloved house photographer to cover the event. The staff and I were just too busy all day to get any really worthwhile pictures from the event. But I *did* take this awesome one of Bearzbub & Remender together.

Thanks to everyone who came out, to the amazing Meredith at Image Comics, to our awesome Isotope staff and family, and to Mister Remender himself… in a year full of amazing events that was definitely one of my favorites!

– James

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