San Diego Comic Con Getting You Down?

Today is yet another glitch-filled day of frustration for folks trying to get their tickets to San Diego Comic Con, apparently the third time isn’t the charm we were all hoping it would be. It sounds like folks on Twitter are pretty upset seeing TicketLeap’s “over capacity screen” and who can blame them? I, for one, don’t want this to turn into The Year Only Pros Could Go either. So I’m here to tell you not to lose faith, folks are getting through. Just keep hitting refresh, people!

Because I know you’ve all been looking at this frog for what seems like forever, we’ve decided to brighten your day a little and bring a great big smile to your face. The Isotope is going to hook you up with your very own San Diego Comic Con 2011 Registration Disaster commemorative Fail Frog button absolutely free of charge! Why? Because we’re just such huge sweethearts! Send a letter to the Isotope address with a self addressed stamped return envelope and I will personally send you one of these Fail Frog pinback beauties while our supplies last.

Turning even the darkest of days into something wonderful and magical… that’s our thing, it’s what we do!

UPDATE: This was posted in the heat of an industry-wide meltdown with the intention of bringing a few more smiles to the day, and I gotta say, TicketLeap ended up really coming through. Four days later I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of people about this and every single person I talked to got tickets. Every single one. Including the people who asked me for buttons! Ok, so the four day passes sold out immediately (they always do) and the site’s servers were chugging for a while… but unlike the previous two attempts by other companies… these ticket-selling folks did their jobs and are getting all of you folks and all of us folks into Comic Con this year.

Also if you check the comments on this very post you’ll see that, instead of sending their lawyer my direction telling us take this post down and not to send these buttons out, they were actually very cool about taking a little teasing too. A company that delivers the goods and can also handle some negative press with style? Color me impressed!

That’s about the most Success Frog the comic industry has ever seen. Nicely done, TicketLeap!

  1. Ernesto Bravo

    Thanks. This has been such a pain, it is cool that you’re helping lighten the mood.

  2. Antonio

    Pro registration was as straight-forward as usual this year (save for only being able to bring a total of three adult guests, which is teh suck), but my friends (who I cannot bring as guests due to aforementioned limitation) may be totally missing out this year, due to the frog. Hopefully, they can at least score day passes :o(

    Honestly, though, I’m not certain anyone Comic Con hires could handle this type of load in the short amount of time this load occurs… Save for, maybe, a service like Live Nation (which is satan). At least the Frog’s service doesn’t doesn’t crash and die like their previous contractor did.

  3. Chuck

    I really thought I was getting to go this year! Incredibly disappointing to get screwed by their ticket service. Thanks for making me laugh, though!

  4. James Sime

    Agreed. I’m happy that Comic Con has tried to support these more indie ticket sellers and (so far) hasn’t resorted to the evils that are the LiveNation and Ticketmaster (and all the additional fees that come with them)… but I definitely feel bad for folks who are trying to get tickets this year.

    A little lightening of the mood is always a nice thing. And keep hitting refresh, people!

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  6. BobBretall

    Excellent, James!

    I wish I was up in San Fran so I could lay my hands on one of those “FailFrog” buttons! Sat watching that damned frog for almost 3 hrs this morning.

    BTW, it would be OK to be “supporting” indie ticket sellers if they had the ability to handle the traffic. Since they cannot, I’d just as soon they get ditched and a “Big Satan” that can do the job can step in.

    Using small providers is great, but only if they can do the job.

  7. BobBretall

    Oh, now I see I can get one by sending you an SASE….. Here one comes!

  8. Dan

    My friend got me my tix this morning unfortunaty instead of 4 day pass 4 a 100 Sat was already sold out so I had 2 pay 100 and now get 2 deal with craigsliat 4 a sat tix. I’m kicking myself in the ass 4 not getting this year’s tix at last year’s con from now on though no more online buying. Love ur buttons though hope u will be able 2 send a few so I can give them 2 my friends who have to deal with scalpers

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  10. DreamNZed

    Tried so long for 4 day passes only to be granted a Sunday pass. I suppose better than no pass at all. It never used to be like this ๐Ÿ™ Sending my SASE today and will place the pin proudly with my collection :0)

  11. TicketLeap

    Love your efforts to “turn even the darkest of days into something wonderful and magical.” We don’t take the performance issues lightly, we but we appreciate your ability to make it a little more lighthearted. We posted an update on our blog that hopefully answers some of the questions people have:

    Check out these youtube videos we found that show another take on Saturday’s event. We thought they were pretty good:


    followed by I’m going:

    If you have any questions about your Comic-Con tickets you can email them at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

    <3 TicketLeap

  12. Dan Korn

    So you say that “every single person I talked to got tickets. Every single one.”

    Well, I didn’t. I spent all day hitting Refresh, and by the time I even got to the order page, only Sunday tickets were left, and when I tried to fulfill the order, they were sold out.

    And I know there are a lot of other people in the same boat. We sat there all day, hitting Refresh, trying everything, while other people, many of whom hadn’t been at it nearly as long, managed to get through out of sheer luck.

    So TicketLeap still hasn’t done a very good job of “getting all of you folks and all of us folks into Comic Con this year.”

    It’s nice that they have a sense of humor about it, though. I’ll appreciate that while I’m sitting at home reading tweets about how much fun everyone is having at Comic Con. Thanks a lot.

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