San Diego Sketchbook Theme for 2010?

A lot of my customers and staff over the years have come home from Comic Con with some amazing books of convention sketches from wildly different comic artists, but one thing is always true… all the best sketchbooks always have a great theme.

One of the most impressive ones you can find online is Walt Parrish‘s collection of Mason Jar sketches (take a look, it’s absolutely genius) but the various themes run far and wide. You’ll find great sketchbooks devoted to Yoda, David Bowie, Tintin, Groo, Sexy Mummies, and yes even grass themed sketchbooks!

Jamie Rich, former editor at Oni Press, has one of my favorite sketchbook themes ever an Audrey Hepburn sketchbook (represented here on the IsoSite with that gorgeous Audrey by Joëlle Jones), and he’s also written a great article about starting your own theme sketchbook you might want to read. Very inspirational!

So tell me, what amazing sketchbook themes do you fine folks have up your sleeves for 2010? I’m actually considering doing one too this year!

  1. Joëlle Jones

    Well I just started a sort of a sketchbook around the Big Lebowski, right now I just have two, with Scott Morse and Mike Allred, but I treasure them both!

  2. James Sime

    Big Lebowski sketches sound amazing! When I settle on my theme I would be honored to have one from you Joëlle… your work is gorgeous!

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