The Scott Pilgrim Videogame Trailer Rocks

Right now every single thing that has the words “Scott” and “Pilgrim” on it is awesome. The movie is looking really, really good, the wearables are hot, the plushies are adorable, the comics we know are excellent, and the videogame… the videogame looks like an absolute blast.

I’m ecstatic for Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, he’s has got to be just so happy with this. Direct your browsers over to to see the 16-bit gloriousness of Scott and Ramona kicking ass, guitar mini-games, rabid samurais, a sweet Knight Rider Limo, all to a fantasticly nerdy chiptune soundtrack by Anamanaguchi. My favorite part is seeing when defeated enemies drop coins they’re dropping Canadian loonies and twoonies. That’s just cool!

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – Videogame Trailer

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