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In case you didn’t see these running on SPIN Magazine‘s website, here’s the complete collection of Noise Pop 2012 comics by the Isotope’s Sequential Reporters. Click the strips to see each of these awesome cartoonist’s bios. And click through to Flickr to see these in their full glory!

  1. Laura Veirs, Noisepop, Etc. : This Is Star

    […] Please go look at the other comics that folks made about other awesome bands! […]

  2. Isotope — The Comic Book Lounge » Noise Pop 2012

    […] Featuring Jamaica Dyer drawing FOX HEAD STEW before your very eyes with musical soundtrack by female-fronted psychrock supergroup HIKING. And also featuring a duo comic art installation inside Public Works Gallery for Noise Pop Weekend, and our crack team of Sequential Reporters reporting on shows and interviewing Noise Pop’s amazing selection of bands. Featured cartoonists include – Ed Luce, Katie Loungua, Beth Dean, Mari Naomi, Jean Chen, Justin Hall, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Dyami Serna, Peter S. Conrad, Brie Spielmann, Josh Richardson, Matt DeLight, Star St Germain and many more. Many featured on SPIN Magazine’s website, see the complete series of strips here. […]

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