Spoiler Alert: Superior Spider-Man

If you’re a Spidey fan, by now you’ll probably already have read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698. It’s a great issue, isn’t it? Congrats to author Dan Slott for serving up one of the most fun twists in recent memory! If you haven’t read it already, I don’t want to ruin the fun for you. And man, the spoilers are all over the internet! So go quick, grab yourself a copy on the Isotope’s Digital Store right away, read it, and then come back here and we’ll talk the Future of Spidey Comics.

Done? Ok now that we’re all on the same page here…

That Peter’s in quite the jam, isn’t he? And with all this building up to issue #700 which Marvel is billing as “the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man!” and the new Dan Slott written SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN series that is to follow, it sounds like things are going to get worse for ol’ Pete before they get better. And just who the heck is this not Peter Parker that’s going to be starring in that new series that Dan Slott keeps talking about?

The internet is rife with crackpot theories and I have one of my own. I hinted at it earlier this week (and confused a few folks) on my Facebook and my Twitter with a simple little mathematical equation…

SS = (PP+OO) x power of MTLV

Let’s figure out this algebraic spoiler together, shall we? As you probably all know I’m a sweetheart who wants you folks to have the enjoyment of reading your comics so I’m going to do my level best to make this article as spoiler-free as possible. But for Aunt May’s sake, if you don’t want the future of Spidey comics spoiled for you stop reading now and whatever you do, do not click on any of the following links.

It’s algebra time! We’re going to be solving for the quantity of SS, or perhaps we could call it SSM. That one’s pretty easy to figure out, I think, it’s in the title of this post and also the title of this here comic book. As per basic algebraic rules in order to solve for SS we’re going to first start out by adding the next two quantities together, PP and OO. For those struggling at this juncture to figure out those duo of double letters, you need only apply this simple code-breaking concept, which I like to call Stan Lee’s First Law of Secret Identities. Am I still being too oblique here? How about this PP + OO.

MTLV has confounded a large number of folks. You would seriously not believe the number of hardcore Spidey fans who have struggled with those initials, it is quite shocking! But maybe in my effort to make the equation simpler to solve I perhaps made it more difficult by breaking the internal logic of the formula. Admittedly, SS = (PP+OO) x power of MM is actually the more accurate equation. So I’ve decided to break it all down and solve this for you folks. Here’s some simple clues to help you ferret out the secret to MTLV: It refers to something or someone that I think is “Spidey classics.” Hmm, not helping yet? This something or someone has been a serious and ongoing concern in Slott’s run. Still no? Okay, let’s try something different…

Take a look at Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man design document. Interesting stuff! Just what is up with this new black-costume-bits Spider-Man? Especially the strange things like this and this that make you suspect that at the very least SS won’t have the traditional powers that PP usually has. Hmmm… an “angley-rigid physique” that’s interesting too, does that fit anyone who we’ve seen in Slott’s run over the past year? And why is this new Spidey guy “more aggressive” and why does he have this little design detail on his costume, do you think? Looking at this gives me a couple ideas, can you think of any reason he’d need those?

Not yet?

What if there was an ongoing character in Dan Slott’s Spidey series who has made some pretty significant scientific discoveries, the kind that can cure people who are very sick, and who works with PP on a daily basis? Could those discoveries result in very telling things in our design document like this? And I don’t mind telling you, that looks like an awfully familiar profile to me as a long-time Spider-Man reader. But most telling of all is this new Spider-Man doesn’t have the traditional Steve Ditko designed mask… instead it looks like this. (cough)……(cough)!

And by now I know you folks have all figured out the formula!

SS = (PP+OO) x power of MTLV

Got it? If you comment below, please do keep it spoiler free for folks still trying to solve this algebraic equation. Hey, I like it, nice one Dan Slott!

  1. Sean wheatley

    I would love to get all arms around that idea, all four of them.

  2. James Sime

    Ha! Good one!

  3. Tim Shipley

    Curt Connors

  4. Lynn Wiberg

    There is another upcoming Marvel series that makes me think this can’t be right. If you know what I mean.

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