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Meet the people who will be helping you discover your next favorite comic book obsession.

I have staffed my little piece of comic book heaven with a collection of the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and most eclectic comic book epicureans possible. Sexy and wildly creative fellow nerds who like a huge variety of comics from great pulp superheroics, to autobio slices of life, to mind-expanding science fiction yarns, to hard-boiled thrillers, to stream of conscious fantasies, to weird mangas about food, to books full of romance and fashion... and everything in between. People who, like me, just really like people and love playing tour guide around this vast funnybook world. I could not be more proud of the talented people who have worked behind the Isotope's counter over the years. I hope you adore them all as much as I do.

Our Staff
Your tour guides to the wonderful world of comics.
Kirsten Baldock

Kirsten is a multi-talented gal friday straight out of the movies of yesteryear. She runs the Oakland Main Library’s Periodicals Department by day, is the founder of local authors’ guild Writers Old Fashioned, a former costume designer and cigarette girl, and is the author of two original graphic novels Smoke & Guns w/ artist Fabio Moon, and the upcoming Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Featured at the Isotope on Sundays and anytime something cool is going on.


A comics and doll-shaman with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things X related, Storm is also the manager of the Swankety Swank gallery boutique as well as author/artist of Princess Witch Boy and the awesome Galaxy Runway for Swank Speak magazine. Storm was recently awarded “Best X-Men Tarot Card Reader” by the SF Weekly and believes that in a perfect world Iman would have played Ororo Munroe in the movies.


James Sime

The comic pimp. A former swank bartender who is known for his fine taste in suits, his appreciation for outrageous nightlife, and never-ending comic book enthusiasm. James can be found dead center anywhere that exciting culture is happening, collecting strange and unusual new friends, and rocking the synth in his atomic space rock band. And yes, the character from Invincible named “Isotope” is based on him.

Featured at the Isotope all the time (and he loves it).

Support Staff
The wonderful people who help us do what we do.



You’ll find the Isotope’s “shop girl” Geri-Ayn sporting hand crafted wearable high fashion technology and chatting up the sexy nerds about comics, international urban geocaching, social media, and which outfit of Audrey Hepburn’s was best.

Featured at the Isotope whenever anything exciting is happening.

Arik Devens


When Arik’s not taking over the iPad app store with his tech startup, this Multimedia Software Engineer’s web architecture firm danieltiger is making drop-dead beautiful websites. You’re looking at his handiwork right now. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Featured behind the Isotope scenes always.

Dyami Serna


Dyami is the punk rock drummer in Poor Man’s War and when you see pictures of the staff looking absolutely amazing, that’s Dyami behind the lens. His other recent photography clients include Macy’s, Wynn Resorts, and Shutterfly.

Featured at the Isotope whenever anything exciting is happening.

Jason McNamara

Writer In Residence

A writer by trade, a coffee hustler for amusement, and a terror of the night-time world by design, Jason is the Xeric Awarded author of First Moon, Continuity, and The Martian Confederacy graphic novels.

Featured behind the Isotope register on random occasions.

Josh Richardson

Cultural Attache

Our Cultural Attache returns for 2010! A letterer/colorist/pre-press manager and QA artist for the videogame industry, Josh is bringing his unique style back to the Isotope for surprise appearances and special occasions throughout the year.

Featured behind the Isotope register on random occasions.

Adrienne Rappaport

Beer Girl

The singer/champagne toaster of brilliant nautical band and performance group The Sea Dogs and former editor of Sequential Tart. Adrienne’s been behind the bar serving up beers during all the Isotope’s biggest events since the earliest of days. We love her.

Featured at the Isotope whenever anything exciting is happening.

Staff Alumni
Raising a glass in honor of the staff of yesteryear.

Matt Silady

Creative Catalyst
The Isotope was proud to feature Matt from December 2007 to December 2008.

Matt is a Professor teaching sequential art at California College of the Arts and the author/artist of Eisner Award nominated graphic novel The Homeless Channel.

Tristan Crane

Twentieth Century Boy
The Isotope was proud to feature Tristan Crane from June 2000 to August 2003.

Tristan is the author of the How Loathsome series illustrated by Ted Naifeh, which was nominated for the 2004 GLAAD Media Award.

Ryan Yount

The Isotope was proud to feature Ryan Yount from March 2002 to November 2004.

Ryan is the author/artist of the popular pirate humor series Scurvy Dogs co-written by Andrew Boyd.

Ian Yarbourough

Bon Vivant
The Isotope was proud to feature Ian from November 2004 to November 2006.

A professional mixologist and true science fiction connoisseur, Ian is currently the manager of SF’s 4th Street Bar and Deli.

Jared Guenther

The Isotope was proud to feature Jared from August 2003 to November 2007.

Jared is a makeup/special EFX artist now at Stan Winston’s Legacy Studios. His recent work includes Iron Man, Thor, and John Carter of Mars.

Josh Richardson

Cultural Attache
The Isotope was proud to feature Josh from February 2007 to March 2008.

Josh is a letterer/colorist/pre-press manager and a QA artist for the videogame industry. His recent work includes Brutal Legend and Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

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