Suggested Reading For Andy Ihnatko & For You Too!

I noticed this morning that several kind folks on Twitter suggested to technology journalist Andy Ihnatko that he come visit the Isotope while he was in town for MacWorld. Well that was mighty nice of them, thanks to you all for the sweet words everyone!

I’m something of a fan of Mister Ihnatko’s work and would certainly have a blast talking to him about comics and helping him find some mind-blowing reads… but alas, MacWorld happens to coincide with my annual trip to the land of snow this year. So while normally I like to make comic reading suggestions in the shop (playing funnybook tour guide is my absolute favorite part of my job, after all) since I won’t get to do that I decided to give Mister Ihnatko some suggestions here.

Mister Ihnatko, if any of these sound good and you *do* happen by the Isotope, just tell my man Josh I set aside a couple books with you in mind and he will put them in your hands. Hope one or more sparkles your imagination!

TRANSHUMAN by Jonathan Hickman

Hickman is the best new science fiction author the comics industry has seen in many, many years. If you’re not already reading his comics you should be. I had a hard time choosing between this and Hickman’s The Nightly News, as they are both pretty amazing, so I flipped a coin (laugh)!

Transhuman is a documentary style tale of two rival corporations on the brink of something amazing, the next step of human evolution. And it can all be bought and sold thanks to genetic humanoid engineering. Corporate espionage abounds, venture capitalists circle, and everyone is out to make a fast forced evolution buck by being first to corner the market.

But in the quest to rush to market, can overworked scientists keep this emerging technology from over-running even their near endless ambitions?

SUPER SPY by Matt Kindt

I suggest this book to a lot of different people and have found it to be universally loved around the Isotope.

The book itself is a series of snapshots into 52 peoples lives who get mixed up in the world of espionage in the 40’s. Filled with cyanide pills, pen-guns, double crosses and betrayal Super Spy asks the question “what would it do to you to tell lies to everyone around you every day of your life?” There’s a really amazing moment when all those stories click together.

It is one of my favorite books of the last decade and anyone who reads it can tell you why.


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