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Isotope & Image Comics’ SNAPSHOT Contest

What would you do if you found a hitman’s cell phone full of grisly photos of dead bodies? And then the phone started ringing?

That’s the question Andy Diggle and Jock (creators of THE LOSERS and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE) ask in Image Comics‘ new noir series SNAPSHOT. We decided since we liked this San Francisco based crime with a twist comic so much (and also where the action takes place here in SF) that we’d put together a fun contest to score you all some autographed bookplates, a chance to be in future issues of the comic, and for one lucky winner a one-of-a-kind original production artwork from the series from the drafting table of Jock himself!

So we’re laying down the challenge for folks to take a page from the thriller story and add to the mystery with our cool SNAPSHOT contest. Here’s how it works:

* Stage you or your friends “death” and capture the moment with a photo on your cell phone.
* Submit the photo to our mini-site, post it on your Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #SNAPSHOTCOMIC
* We’ll choose from our favoirites and mail out a limited edition bookplate, signed by creators Andy Diggle and Jock. Perfect to go with your copy of SNAPSHOT #1 or the trade paperback when it’s released.
* Image Comics will be featuring the best of these photos in the back of SNAPSHOT #4, here’s your chance for comic book immortality in “death”!
* One grand prize winner will be chosen by Diggle and Jock and will receive a page of ORIGINAL ART from SNAPSHOT by Jock!

Simple, right? Ojk, let’s fill those phones with photos and kick this promotion off in high style! I’ll go first:

Check out our SNAPSHOT mini-site for more contest information and to see everyone’s gruesome submissions. Make sure to pick up every issue of SNAPSHOT from Image Comics to see the story unfold and don’t miss SNAPSHOT #4 to see who the grand prize winner is!

UPDATE: The first issue of this just-launched series is getting some great critical acclaim and has been absolutely flying off store shelves so fast a second printing was announced just today. Congrats to Diggle and Jock! We’re having fun watching those eBay prices going up!

Great Isotope Reference in SNAPSHOT

Check out this awesome Isotope reference in the first issue of Image Comics’ new San Francisco based noir series SNAPSHOT by Andy Diggle & Jock, this also ran in issue 322 of the wonderful JUDGE DREDD THE MEGAZINE for our overseas readers. Fell street at Gough… we could not be more honored!

More about SNAPSHOT here on CBR.

UPDATE: Go check out this fun contest we’re holding for SNAPSHOT. “Kill yourself” and win original art!

Isotope Holiday Giveaway

In honor of the holiday season, score yourself one of these great Free Judge Dredd badges… we’re giving them away to everyone who buys awesome 2000ad comics in December. Only at the Isotope!


Here Comes The Judge

The critics are quite all enjoying the pre-screening of DREDD from Comic Con.
I am beyond thrilled.

If I Had A Time Machine

If I had a time machine I’d travel back to hang out and talk about awesome suits w/ Pete Milligan and Brett Ewins.

The book they’re getting you excited about on this great vintage British tv show is the incredible future war comic Bad Company, a true thing of beauty. And on sale here at the Isotope, of course!

Here Comes The Judge

Today we’re celebrating the news that this week kicks off shooting for Dredd, the big-screen resurrection of Brit comics’ Judge Dredd by producer Andrew Macdonald (28 Days Later), writer Alex Garland (28 Days Later/Sunshine), and director Pete Travis (Vantage Point). This 2012 release by British production company DNA Films stars Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno), and is being filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa with much of the team behind District 9.

Check out Karl Urban decked out in full Judge uniform from this week’s rehearsals

With some heavy involvement from Dredd creator John Wagner and a very good sounding team working on it my hopes are certainly raised… cross your fingers!

But let’s not forget the other Judge movie from the world of 2000AD’s Mega-City One in the not-so distant future. The Judge Minty fan film. For those not up on your lore, Judge Minty was Dredd’s mentor who, instead of retiring at the end of his long career, opted to take The Long Walk into the Cursed Earth to “bring law to the lawless.” Quietly in production for the past year, it looks downright incredible for a non-Hollywood flick. It was quite a shock to see how well this group of fans managed to kit out the cast with incredible costumes, bring a near-perfect Mega-City One to life, and even feature Dredd’s iconic wide-tired Lawmaster motorcycle. There’s a great thread on the RPF with tons of photos of the props and costumes. The screenshots look good, but you’re definitely going to want to see the trailer. Check it out:

Judge Minty trailer

For more info, keep your eyes on I will be!

Your Next Comic Creator Obsession: Dave Taylor

It’s my job to always have one eye out for the Next Big Thing In Comics. To hunt down the best comics have to offer and to keep my customers right on that bleeding edge, discovering their favorite new comic creators before the rest of the industry catches on. So with San Diego Comic Con is coming up I thought now was a good time to let you all know about your next favorite comic creator before the official announcements hit.

Chances are you haven’t heard of Dave Taylor yet (unless you’re a reader of 2000ad that is)… but that is all about to change. Because in only a few weeks DC is going to be announcing the Batman project Taylor has been quietly working on for the past year.

With a style that brings to mind all the best aspects of Frank Quitely, Seth Fisher and Moebius there isn’t a doubt in my mind that whatever they announce about him at SDCC is going to blow people’s minds. If that image above (just a piece of a panel) hasn’t already made your pulse quicken allow me to let Mister Taylor show you what he can do, go ahead and click this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this … and then check out this absolutely gorgeous Iron Man variant cover and this mind-blowing view of Mega-City One.

See, he’s your next favorite comic artist, isn’t he?!

I’ve been following Dave’s blog carefully over the last couple years (as well as making sure my collection has everything that I can get of his work before he hits big here with American comic readers), and it’s pretty clear that it’s very soon that DC finally announces the “high-end Batman project” he’s been hinting at. Trust me, whatever it is, it’s going to be big.

Check out Dave’s blog and see even more drop-dead gorgeous artwork here:

And watch for that Dave Taylor Batman news at San Diego Comic Con!

UPDATE: Well it looks like the settings on my Orb of Agamotto are set a little farther in the future than I thought! According to Mister Taylor himself we’re going to have wait just a little bit longer until the project he and his “mystery author” are working on detonates the US comics market.

I guess that just gives all of us just a little more time to enjoy his work before he becomes one of the biggest names in comics… and with that in mind, I suggest scooping up some of his original art from his website while it’s still affordable! Here’s the page I’m buying. What amazing Dave Taylor original art are you guys getting?

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