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New Walking Dead Story by Kirkman

Heads-up Walking Dead fans!

You know how incredible the comic and the trailer for the TV show are already, and we know Robert Kirkman can write one heck of a great comic book… but can he write prose as well? Oh, you bet he can!

You won’t want to miss an exclusive Walking Dead story by Kirkman, alongside other original stories by zombie fiction legends like Max Brooks and David Wellington, in the new brain-eating anthology The Living Dead 2.

This is the first time Kirkman’s prose writing has ever been published and I wanted to make sure no one was missing out on it. So we got ahold of our friends at Night Shade Books and are giving you an exclusive Isotope sneak peek to wet your appetite!

(click to enlarge)

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

In celebration, every copy of The Living Dead 2 here at the Isotope comes with an absolutely free copy of another great Night Shade zombie book, Amelia Beamer‘s San Francisco flavored slacker zombie/comedy/romance The Loving Dead. We’re spoiling you with a cornucopia of tasty undead treats!

Folks outside of the Bay Area don’t have to feel left out, you can join in on the celebration and get a free book too, just order from the Night Shade Books website, enter “Isotope” in the Coupon Code box and we’ll get you a free Amelia Beamer hook-up too. Here’s the link:

Living Dead 2 @ Night Shade Books

It’s a great time to be a Walking Dead fan, isn’t it?

The Loving Dead

Girls! Zombies! Zepplins!

Most of you probably know Jeremy Lassen as a fellow Isotope customer. He’s something of a mohawked fixture around the shop and a heck of a sharp-dressed guy too. And maybe you also know him as the guy with excellent suggestions at the beloved Boarderlands Books. But what most people don’t know is Jeremy is also the publisher of some of the best genre fiction novels of the last five years. From the Nebula-award winning Windup Girl to this Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Laurell Hamilton, Steven King zombie anthology you probably already own, to the Mall of Cthulhu, to a book that has a Nazi riding a Unicorn on the cover… when it comes to publishing cool books Jeremy is the man!

Lassen’s Nightshade Books latest release is something Jeremy and I have been eagerly anticipating for several years now, The Loving Dead by Amelia Beamer. An entertaining and surprisingly original take on the zombie apocalypse… sexually transmitted zombie-ism set in the San Francisco Bay Area, with zepplins. You know you want to read this (guess what comic store has copies)!

And, hey, why not attend the launch party for this new novel too?

The Loving Dead Launch Party
w/ Amelia Beamer & Jeremy Lassen
Sunday, June 20th at 5:00 pm
@ Boarderlands Books

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