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We Have Lift-Off!

Today, on this anniversary of the Isotope, we’re ushering in a new age for And you’re here with us as we push the ignition button and launch this baby on a straight vertical trajectory with all main and backup engines firing with half a million pounds of pure excitement.

Here on the site’s main hub you’ll find a dataflow of the business pertinents, quick snapshots of info from inside the world of the Isotope, and the at-long-last overhauled Isotope Communique. I’m very happy to get to share with folks all the things in the world of comics and San Francisco that have been thrilling my staff and I recently, and also some dissemination of thoughts about entrepreneurship and where I see the future of comics retail heading. I’m sure some folks will be thrilled for a return of all our favorite Communique features plus lots of new surprises that you’ll start seeing pop up over the next few weeks. I definitely have some really unexpected and nifty things coming up.

Go ahead, give our new digs a click through and see what’s there. The Lounge section serves up lots of random tastebud exploding morsels and the Events section is exactly what it sounds like – a place to check out what unique happenings are coming up for you and my staff and I in the future, and also archive of the last nine years worth of events. Expect to see lots of additions in the near future as I’m dedicated to unearthing as many photos, videos, and write-ups as humanly possible for everyone to indulge their curiosity and nostalgia in. Speaking of additions, I’m sure you all already know how much fun I think it is for all of us to get random surprises when we’re least expecting it… so I’m keeping both the City and Specials sections to surprise you all with reveals in the not-so distant future. They’re pretty fun!

I have to tell you, I’m particularly happy with the site’s greatly revamped Staff area. The traditional stuff’s all there along with the Staff Alumni section we’ve always had. But with this new site I really wanted to feature all the superstars who make the Isotope go, so we’re raising a glass and giving heartfelt thanks to some of the most crucial members of the Isotope family who you may or may not already know. Man, I really do have the best looking staff in all of comics, don’t I?!

Thanks to the brilliant software engineering of danieltiger proprietor Arik Devens and designer Dexsy Repuyan for helping me bring this beauty to life. I am just out of my mind happy with it!

And also let me share my pure appreciation to all of you who helped make the Isotope dream possible these last nine years. It’s been quite a ride! As I sit here, glass of champagne in hand, toasting my baby’s ninth birthday (and Marilyn Monroe’s 84th), I know there are are just not enough “thank yous” in the universe to express how blessed I feel for everything you all have done to make all my wildest dreams come true. I could not ask for a better group of customers, a kinder city, or a more open-minded industry in which to share my love of comics with. All you sexy nerds make aiming for the stars with every engine firing the most fun, exciting, and rewarding thing I will ever do. I adore you all.

I love you Isotope, happy 9th and here’s to a thousand more years together!

– James

The Calm Before The Storm

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this week!

The original IsoSite was kludged together by yours truly in true MacGyver fashion with plenty of chewing gum and bailing wire holding everything together. I’m no website designer but seven years ago it was a pretty functional little site for a funnybook shop, no work of art but a enough of a whisper better than “just good enough” so that I could be happy with it. However, over the years it’s definitely shown some serious wear and tear.

An entire new site was planned. And this time I was going to recruit an expert to help me. And here we are, on the verge of an Isotope anniversary, with the new website nearly launched and thousands of future plans for it rattling in my head… I’m taking some calm before the storm time to sit back and really appreciate all of the amazing magics Arik Devens (danieltiger) has conjured up to bring this beauty to life. Today is a day of true happiness.

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

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