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Templesmith Drawing FELL Live w/ DJ SamSupa

Isotope and SF’s Noise Pop Music Fest teamed up for an number of jaw-dropping events that combined comics, music and art… the line-up was pretty amazing if I do say so myself! The headliner was none other than Australian superstar artist Ben Templesmith penciling and inking an entire page of his and Warren Ellis‘ highly anticipated next issue of FELL. Yes, more FELL is coming! And you can watch it as it’s made!

Drawn live on stage in front of a packed house with live mixing by the immortal DJ SamSupa, Templesmith thrilled the crowd with text jokes, amazing technique… and even inking with beer!

Check it out. Live comic art has never been cooler.

This live footage captured from the big screen projection by the fantastic Dyami Serna @tweaksf.

Templesmith + DJ SamSupa Rocking It Live

Cellphone shot of a really amazing event. Crummy resolution, but I like it, turned out very “painterly.” DJ SamSupa and Dyami Serna are currently putting some love into remastering the audio from the Noise Pop 2011 webstream… archive goes live here on the IsoSite next week!

Fell Returns: Ben Templesmith Webcast is LIVE!

This is it, Fell fans, the moment we’ve been waiting nearly three years for! Right now at the Noise Pop Culture Club, superstar artist Ben Templesmith is hard at work illustrating issue #10 of this classic cult series! Backed by the bodacious beats of the Bay Area’s own DJ Samsupa, this live art jam is sure to be an amazing treat for those in attendance. But fear not, Internet readers, because the Isotope is opening up the door to all of our friends across the globe with a live webcast of the event!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Isotope USTREAM channel for live coverage of comic history in the making!

The action runs from 4:30pm – 6:00pm PST!

It Is Going To Get Crowded

You no doubt already know all about superstar comic artist Ben Templesmith teaming up with us and drawing the next issue of Fell live at Noise Pop 2011… but we couldn’t resist throwing an Isotope party with him too. And for the first time in any shop anywhere, copies of Templesmith’s elusive Squidgirls art book will be available.

Apologies for the crowds in advance!

PS Ben and I think you should wear something awesome.

Noise Pop 2011 + Isotope = Awesome

Here at the Isotope we love live music almost as much as we love spreading the gospel of comics. And with just about every member of our staff and several hundred of our extended family involved in various bands there truly can be no better nexus point than right here for the cross-pollination of indy music and sequential art.

What better way could there be to combine our collective interests than to create live music-centric art with San Francisco’s wonderful Noise Pop indie music festival and some of the coolest comic creators on the planet? So yours truly will be bringing you just that as Noise Pop’s official “Comics Curator”… with the help of my brilliant Isotope team of Kirsten Baldock, Josh Richardson and Dyami Serna, of course! I humbly think the set list we’ve lined up for 2011 will truly rock your world.

Isotope presents at Noise Pop Culture Club 2011

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Upstairs Stage

Co-creator of 30 Days of Night, Choker and Fell and famed for his work on Dead Space and on album covers for Fear Factory, Isotope and Noise Pop are proud to present international comics superstar Ben Templesmith. A cutting edge live-art demo with the artist pulls back the wizard’s curtain on the creative process, transporting you directly into the art studio and musically-infused with a wicked mix of Witch House, Hyphy and other hair-raising Bay Area beats by cut-creator DJ Samsupa. This presentation will be webcast across the globe so even author Warren Ellis may be among the first on the planet to witness as Templesmith draws live one of the most anticipated comics of the decade, Fell.

PLUS: Our in-house bash w/ Templesmith as only the Isotope can do! Saturday, February 26th 8pm.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Upstairs Stage

A live multimedia exposition of the acclaimed Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things series of spooky all-ages graphic novels hosted by award-winning author/artist Ted Naifeh. Presented in traditional olde tyme radio play fashion, Courtney Crumrin Live fuses modern technological advancements with conventional storytelling, featuring Naifeh’s dapper team of Avant-Garde voice actors, massive rear-screen comic book panel recreations, and live foley work and music by string-informed neo-electric-skiffle band This Can’t End Well.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Workshop Room

Isotope and the California College of the Arts present a workshop on comic creation with the Eisner-Award nominated duo of Professor of Comics Matt Silady (The Homeless Channel) and Comics Lecturer Justin Hall (Glamazonia). Workshop attendees will be discovering the secrets of comic art with the help of Silady and Hall and learning the simple-but-complex art of sequential storytelling while crafting original comic works for Noise Pop Culture Club’s Vinyl Dreams Gallery on blank record album sleeves.

All Week Long, All Over San Francisco

Celebrating Noise Pop 2011 with on-site comic book reportage! Throughout the week our team of Sequential Reporters will be invading the festival’s shows, events, and after-parties to capture their personal Noise Pop experiences in visceral snapshots in single-page comic book form. From backstage interviews with artists to stageside with live bands to interactions with fellow fans to all manner of outrageous adventure. This compilation of sequential art memories will be hosted in an online graphic novel anthology for all to enjoy on

Participating cartoonists include— Jamaica Dyer, Beth Dean, Ed Luce, Amy Martin, Matt Silady, Roman Muradov, Susie Cagle, Justin Hall, Aubrie L’rai Johnson, Karl Dotter, Sonia Harris, Greg Hinkle, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Gianii Calvert, and more.

All Day Saturday & Sunday
Public Works Gallery – Gaunt Gallery Room

Celebrating the cross-pollination of music and comics… as well as the long history of famous comic artists working on album covers, Public Works Gallery hosts a unique art installation of original comic-inspired record album covers created for, and inspired by, Noise Pop attendees. Our two-day celebration spotlights these fresh analog works by some of the most exciting outsider artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

ARTISTS: Want to participate? Get a blank record album cover at the Isotope until February 25th. Just ask and it’s yours!

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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