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Best Book of 2011


True, true, Darwyn Cooke‘s PARKER: THE HUNTER topped my “Best of” list in 2009 and PARKER: THE OUTFIT also topped my list in 2010… and one might suspect the PARKER MARTINI EDITION to be simply a very pretty collection of those two books bundled together in an double-dipping attempt to hit all us hardcore fans for a quick and easy 75 bucks. Sure, I would have been plenty happy with that too, but it wouldn’t be topping my “Best of” list this year.

Lovingly adapted from the greatest series of crime noir novels ever produced, with art that will bring tears of joy to grown men and women’s eyes, and a hauntingly beautiful attention to detail, Darwyn Cooke’s PARKER adaptations are truly the magic of comics. If you enjoy that feeling of falling in and immersing yourself in another world this is one of those works… and if you like crime comics this is truly the ultimate.

Now one of the things I absolutely love about Darwyn Cooke is he’s acutely aware that the majority of the audience for this book already owns a goodly portion of the material from those ’09 and ’10 editions… and he really, really, really wants to make it worthwhile for all of us who his publisher is going to re-sell it to us as an giant-sized Martini Edition. As with his DC: THE NEW FRONTIER ABSOLUTE EDITION, he’s decided to over-stuff this spendy version with new, exclusive, jaw-dropping beautifulness. So much more than just an oversized reprinting of Dar’s two PARKER hardcovers, the table of contents alone will get your pulse pounding with the promises of a brand new 10 page story by Cooke, around 25 new pages of exclusive jaw-dropping pin-ups by Cooke, and lots of “extras” and Criteron Edition style commentary from likes of Mister Cooke, Ed Brubaker, Tom Spurgeon & Abby Westlake.

Isotope proudly carries (and restocks) copies of all PARKER formats in the shop each and every week, you can walk in the front door and look inside the slipcase for yourself. Or if you live far away or you’re one of those digital device obsessed folks you can always get the vanilla versions from us here and here. You will be glad you did!

Nothing brought more smiles to my face than to finally get a copy of the amazing PARKER MARTINI EDITION in my hands. Hands down it’s the best $75 you could spend on comics in 2011. Thanks Dar.

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