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Ghost Rider: Screaming for Vengeance

Just this week Nicolas Cage told the Late, Late Show that he’s just signed up to star in a new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance film by the guys who made Crank. And that got me thinking about all the places the first one went wrong.

Although I’m not, I probably should be the biggest Ghost Rider fan on the planet. I have a pretty well-known life-long fascination with daredevil stunt bikers, at the age of nine I even visited this one’s house and was disappointed not to see a ramp up the side. It’s also no secret that I absolutely love me some circus folks, too. And as a kid I so wanted to grow up and join these guys who had a clubhouse just up the street from my house. And is there any comic character who better personifies all that than Johnny Blaze? But Hollywood’s previous attempt just left me cold.

So please movie people, don’t make the same mistake as last time! If every frame, and I mean every single frame, doesn’t look like a some Judas Priest album cover or the bottom of some hesher dude’s skateboard it’s not worth making! We don’t need a brilliant plot, although Jason Aaron has proven it can absolutely be done, what we need out of a Ghost Rider movie is one part Sons of Anarchy, one part Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, one part Joe Lansdale weird witches brew, one part folk hero from beyond the grave… all wrapped up in a crappy heavy metal bar band soundtrack. And for years to come people should be able to freeze frame their BluRays and say “dude, I’m getting that as a tattoo!”

This is the Ghost Rider movie I want. Bring it on Hollywood!

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