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The Transcendental Brendan McCarthy

There are few comic artists who fire the imagination more than Brendan McCarthy, artist of consciousness-expanding classics like SPIDER-MAN: FEVER, ROGAN GOSH, STRANGE DAYS, SKIN and hundreds of pages from the seminal British comics anthology 2000AD. McCarthy’s technicolor style is like none other and his work is blanketed with metaphysical psychedelia, luminescent fashion, interdimensional travel, and some truly remarkable coiffitechtural design.

You’ve no doubt been exposed to his work even if you’ve never seen any of his comic books, his work can be seen all over the Re:Boot cartoon, on the first Highlander and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, as well as Lost In Space, The Borrowers, Coneheads, and the upcoming Mad Max 4: Fury Road.

As something of a known McCarthy devotee, I was recently asked to submit a number of interview questions for Comic Book Resources. It was really fun getting to ask the kind of questions I knew no one else would ask. Even though my original questions are reworded a bit, I think you’ll find it’s pretty easy to pick out the ones I contributed to the article. It’s been a long time since I did much creator interviewing, but this was fun to participate in… and certainly the answers Mister McCarthy gives are what really shine here.

Check it out:
Brendan McCarthy Brings “The Zaucer of Zilk” to 2000AD

CBR also did a second article based on my questions to Brendan for their movie news site Spinoff. Sadly, they didn’t credit me, but the article is based on the following question:

How did you feel on seeing how blatantly they ripped off your FREAKWAVE comic for the Kevin Costner box office bomb WATERWORLD? Did it give you fever dreams about what the movie would have been like if they’d given you and Pete Milligan that 175 million dollar budget to waste instead?

Check out Brendan’s extended answer here:
Waterworld, Freakwave & Brendan McCarthy’s Road to Mad Max 4

Even if you’ve not been aware of McCarthy’s work before, give those a read… some really interesting stuff lies within!

CBR Covers Mr Williams & Blackman @ Isotope

Check out this awesome article about our BATWOMAN Celebration with JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman by our amigos over at Comic Book Resources. CBR’s Karl Keily writes-up a nice personal take on the event, snaps some terrific photos and gets a great in-depth interview with our superstars.


You should really read the whole thing, it’s a great representation of what we do and the excellent event that Mister Williams and Blackman helped us host, but Karl is currently one of my favorite interviewers in the biz. Here’s a peek at one of my a question Mister Keily asked JH Williams III from the interview:

CBR: A very distinctive aspect of your Batwoman, since her introduction in “Detective Comics,” is the way you’ve made her incredibly pale. It’s become even more extreme and noticeable in the new series. What’s going on there?

Williams: [Laughs] OK, in real life a redhead has two types of complexions. Both are extremely pale. One version is very freckled and very pale. The other type, in real life, their skin is basically like porcelain, they have almost no pigment. This was our attempt to capture that quality. As you can see, when you see shots of her, her shadows will have tone ,but her highlights are where all the paleness comes from. I’ve met tons of real redheads in my life and, in certain circumstances, you notice that the person has no skin color. They go out in the sun, they burn. It’s kinda that attempt to capture that.

In the current run, we’ve had a couple of printing issues where the colors that Dave [Stewart] did on her shadow tones, where you would see some color, turned a little bit grey or greenish or something like that, and that was not our intention. It makes her look even more white than she really is, you know what I mean? That’s something we are trying to find a way to correct. Ultimately, I kind of look at her like the actress that plays the queen in “True Blood,” who is a redhead, and the actress that plays Jessica, who is a redhead as well, if you look at their skin in that show, there’s almost no pigment. Knowing redheads in my own life, I doubt they put much make up on them to make them that pale. [Laughs]

Check out the rest of the article right ’bout here:

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