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On Sale Today: Fantastic Four

Quick, before you get the latest issue of Fantastic Four spoiled for you by CNN, NPR and Yahoo News, stop on by the Isotope today for a very special Tuesday Pre-Release made possible by the folks at Marvel Comics, Diamond Distributors, and of course your friends here at the Isotope!

This issue is shipping in a sealed commemorative bag, but if you ask nicely, I’ll let you sit down and read my open copy so yours can remain as pure and pristine as you want it.

Those of you who can resist the internet can expect some shocking revelations this issue… just look at that expression of concern podcast guest superstar Kyle Minor makes reading it!

The most INTERESTING man in comics

In an industry like comics, which is full to over-flowing with interesting characters both inside the books and outside of the comic book pages, it’s not easy to decide who “the most interesting man” of all really is… but our friends from the Comic Geek Speak podcast messageboard have attempted to do just that in a heated discussion thread.

Not the most talented. Not the most creative. Not the most awarded. But the most interesting.

As you can probably expect a number of great gents are brought up. Including such gods of comics as Steve Ditko, Dr. William Moulton Marston, Alan Moore, Wally Wood, Charles Schulz… and (gasp) even yours truly! Heated discussions ensue, leaving two creators standing head and shoulders above the rest, but the discussion ends in a tie. Curses!

So with apologies to our beloved Grant Morrison who will have to settle for the runner up prize… it’s time to break the stalemate by casting a vote of my own.

The “Most Interesting Man In Comics” goes to famous comics innovator, escape artist & magician, publisher, historian, musician, sharp-dresser, and production artist on Raiders of the Lost Ark

The legendary Jim Steranko!

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