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The Lid of Lauren Beukes!

Here’s a scene from our recent in-store with Arthur C. Clarke award winning novelist and comic author Lauren Beukes. We all had a terrific day hanging out with the unbelievably charming/fashionable/brilliant science fiction author behind ZOO CITY and the upcoming FABLES: THE FAIREST series. She was a long, long way from home (South Africa) so everyone who got a chance to meet her here at the shop definitely was thrilled. She loved the shop and you all too!

Lauren even honored us with her addition to the Isotope’s world famous Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum… you will definitely want to check out her really great original short story The Comic Shop At The End Of The World!

Thanks to Warren Ellis for setting the event up and to our friends at Borderlands Books for the always helpful assist!

Bendis Gets Lidded @ Isotope

Although he was sworn to secrecy, Brian Michael Bendis was seriously risking blowing his cover that he was in SF this week to announce he’s the writer for the new Marvel MMO as soon as he put this up on Twitter:

Not allowed to say where I am but I am drawing on a toilet

The insanely talented David Mack picked up on the clue right away, as did quite a number of other folks! We, of course, were politely biting our tongue about it all until after the big announcement hit. But now, it can be told!

Brian’s addition to the Isotope’s world-famous Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum is a pretty awesome one, don’tcha think?

Toilette Art de Leonie

Cartoonist Leonie O’Moore made a surprise visit from Manchester this week, with a big fat box of her minis and graphic novels in hand. I’d seen her absolutely gorgeous watercolored work on the web and enthusiastically picked up every copy of Some Forgotten Part, Monstrum Horrendum, Tag Team and the superfun mini Sunday! she had.

Her eyes lit up when I asked if she’d grace us with a little l’art de toilette addition to the Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum… and wow, did she deliver! You can check out more of her beautiful, shark and octopus infested work here at the Isotope or on her following sites here:

A Toilet Seat Cake?!

This is about the funniest gift I’ve ever received, an Isotope Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum inspired cake presented to us in honor of the shop’s anniversary by Dyami and Tammy.

Too hilarious!

Paul Guinan + Lid

Author/artist Paul Guinan delivers an awesome steampunky lid for the Isotope’s Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum.

Paul also dropped off signed copes of his and Anina Bennett’s Boilerplate and Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate. Grab ’em while you’re in, they’re sure to disappear quickly!

See the rest of this museum featuring art on toilet seats by comic creators like Darwyn CookeWarren EllisEd BrubakerJim LeeEric PowellDarick Robertson and many, many more hanging in the Isotope… or at Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum

Surprise Visit From KING CITY’s Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham, the author/artist of one of the Isotope’s favorite comics KING CITY, popped in today and delivered a truly gorgeous addition to our Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum!

Not reading KING CITY?! Well, pardon us for saying, but that’s crazy talk!

Check out a KING CITY preview here

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