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People Think Folks Don’t Know Who Thor Is?!

Running the register at a comic book store you talk to a whole lot of people about comic book movies. A lot. And over the years we’ve heard some pretty crazy theories, rants, diatribes and quite a bit of people’s hand-wringing concerns. Personally, I love it. But I gotta tell you none have struck me quite as weird as one I’ve been hearing from a couple folks the past few weeks about Thor.

“I just don’t think people who don’t read comics will know who Thor is!”

Wait, what?!

I could understand this kind of concern back when we were talking about such comic book adaptation flicks as Hellboy, V For Vendetta, Sin City, or even Iron Man (all of which didn’t do too shabby at the box office)… but Thor?

People have quite literally been telling stories about Thor and Odin since before the written word was invented. And once they could write they wrote poems, sonnets, and books to go along with their carved runestones and statues and tattoos and necklaces.

But to see the character in a more modern context, there are still chruches and cults and even some crazy crackpots dedicated to Thor worship, and for more pop culture-isms you can find yourself with more than a few rock tributes, University classes, concept albums, operas, and even Thor Bräu beer. And just in case you’ve missed all of that… well, there is that day of the week is named after him!

So yeah, I tend to think people who don’t read comics will at least have an idea who Thor is.

Granted, perhaps it’s my midwestern upbringing, maybe it’s because I read lots of different mythology in literature classes, maybe I just played too much D&D in my life, or maybe I’ve just been exposed to too much cheesy heavy metal over the years.

Ok. So I guess maybe it could just be me, after all (laugh)!

For those of you who are looking forward to watching the movie, you’re in for a treat! I caught a pre-screening last Saturday and thought it was awesome.

Love Is In The Air

Give your heart a smile today and check out this absolutely adorable set of engagement photos taken this last weekend here at the Isotope (and beyond). Seriously, what could be cuter?!

Photographer Jennifer Michelson of A Girl And A Camera Photography says she’s “inspired by love” on her website… a fact that’s pretty clear from one look at her pictures!

Angie & Brian’s Engagement Photos

Click to see some of the sweetest photos ever snapped at the shop and also to read about this supercute couple of lovely comic fans.

Aw… aren’t they adorable? Happy engagement Angie and Brian!

An Evening of Bacchanalian Delights

In a perfect world there would be people reading comics that even the Journalistas and Comics Reporters haven’t heard of, comics dedicated to quietly expanding the reach of sequential art with concepts and subjects you’d never expect to see on the traditional comic book spinner rack.

And there are.

Take Corked: The Comic, for example. Did you know there’s a wine-industry webcomic devoted to the world winemaking, the science of Zymology, the blending of cuvées, and the art of Oenology that quite literally is distributed in mini-comic form inside cases of award-winning Cabernets and Chardonnays? That’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

You know me, of course I had to become friends with these amazing avant-garde comic creators!

So I’m thrilled to announce that the Isotope’s first event of 2011 is truly one of epicurean delights, a vinification celebration with the wine-and-comic makers Francis Sanders and David Griffin in honor of wine industry webcomic Corked: The Comic collected in a sexy softcover book for the first time.

We’re throwing this event in conjunction with Noir City, San Francisco’s fantastic festival of classic film noir. Because, truly, what could be better? Come, exercise your inner amateur sommelier with an evening of bacchanalian delights with us!

Maximum Rock N Roll Comics Issue

Comics and punk rock are two sides of the same DIY art coin, and the creative cross-over between the two movements is a truly glorious one. So it’s great to see that the December issue of the seminal zine Maximum Rock N’ Roll is devoted to that very topic.

Guest editor Janelle Hessig from Tales of Blarg steps in as guest coordinator and brings with her comics creators like Jamie Hernandez, Gary Panter, Mimi Pond, Ed Luce and also a huge host of original punk rock comics from the wonderful Cristy Road, Josh Bayer, Avi SpivakKaz, and many many more. This issue definitely will bring a smile to your punk and comic lovin’ face!

Available here at the Isotope (of course!), good record stores, and also from the official website.

Enjoy Read Comics In Public Day

Happy International Read Comics In Public Day, a holiday we here at the Isotope can definitely get behind. I hope you’re all getting together with friends and enjoying your favorite new funnybooks today (like this friend of ours is). Just the thought of the day reminded me of the New York, 1947 photo at left by the fabulous Ruth Orkin. Adorable, isn’t it?

Of course I think every day is a good day to read some comics in public. But only the curmudgeonliest of curmudgeons doesn’t enjoy a new comic themed holiday… and who wouldn’t relish an excuse to celebrate something we all love? So, have fun today!

And if you need more things to read… you know where to get them!

A Toilet Seat Cake?!

This is about the funniest gift I’ve ever received, an Isotope Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum inspired cake presented to us in honor of the shop’s anniversary by Dyami and Tammy.

Too hilarious!

DC Comics Meets French Haute Couture

It’s fun to see where our comic book culture pops up in the world. I’m not just talking about just the appropriation of our stories and characters, it’s great to see stuff like the sheer number of actual printed current comic book goodness strutted on the screen in the movies and to get to see all sorts of geek-centric inside jokes like these on prime time tv. Although it makes me a bit sad when I see more and more people passing off their tracings from comics as fine art pieces at famous galleries, I suppose you have to take the good with the bad. Because there is no denying a real mainstream appreciation of how much comic books are an influence on art, music, literature, entertainment, and style in the last decade.

But the thing that always brings a extra huge smile to my face is seeing comics culture showing up more and more in the world of high fashion. The comic industry usually kind of sleeps on these kind of stories because I guess the news sites think most fans aren’t interested in such things, but you know me, I’m all about going big when comics and fashion collide. What can I say, have you seen what I wear? I like fashion!

So when the fabulous Sally K pointed out to me that leading French fashion emporium Colette has gotten some of the best designers to make comic-inspired haute couture, I just have to share it! These luxurious interpretations of DC’s cultural icons in high fashion style will no doubt turn some heads, go ahead and take a peek to see the hot comic couture culture on the streets of Paris… like the (pictured here) Flash Ballerina shoes by Repetto, this Pierre Hardy Superman handbag, this quirky Joker bow tie by Alexis Mabille and these rather awesome Roger Vivier Catwoman boots. Nice!

See more here: DC Comics x colette Collection

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